Netflix and chill.

Hello! Summer break is coming and I'm here to recommend you some series I watched and loved. So without further ado, let's get into it! Girlboss When you want something, go for it and you get everything you want! Or watch Girlboss and fell in love with it. Love You can find love even in … Continue reading Netflix and chill.


To David Gilmour. (Yes, THAT David Gilmour)

Dear Mr Gilmour! I honestly don't know what to write, I just know I want to. I believe that'll do. It's not very good start of the letter, is it? Just so you know, I wouldn't be writing this 'letter' if it's not 1AM at night. Night always made me do things I normally wouldn't... … Continue reading To David Gilmour. (Yes, THAT David Gilmour)