To calm down.

Hello! How is your day going? I hope you're doing good and having a lovely day - we're halfway through the week! I'm feeling a bit tense as I'm writing this post and I thought it would be great if I do a little 'exercises' I do to calm down and write it down, so … Continue reading To calm down.


Weird food combinations I like and eat.

Oh you, use your heart as a weapon And it hurts like heaven As you can see, I'm listening to one of my favourite songs from Coldplay as I'm writing this. It just always makes me so pumped up and inspired and that's why I love it so freaking much! Before you start reading - … Continue reading Weird food combinations I like and eat.


Hi guys! Did you know May is a National Pet Month? Now, let me get this straight: Do you have a dog? I do. And he's the sweetest, cutest animal on the planet (every animal is sweet and cute, I'm just being a Mommy). I've always wanted to have a dog and my parents promised … Continue reading Dog.