Not loved.

Dear readers! Long time no see again. Hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as possible!

A friend of mine is struggling with some issues with person who she is very close with. That person thinks nobody likes him and nobody cares, so she’s trying to show him she cares and she loves him. Maybe you, my dearest reader, are going through the same thing. It’s always hard to persuade people they matter. Trust me, I know. We, people, tend to think (or should I say overthink?) we’re not worth it. But we are! Every single one of us matters! If we don’t we wouldn’t be here.

And not only we matter to this life in general. We matter to our family and friends. If you feel like they stopped caring, try to think of a reason. Maybe they’re busy building their life. Maybe they need some space. Maybe you did something they don’t like. And if that’s the case, try to think how to make your relationship better. Maybe saying ‘I’m sorry’ would be enough. But believe me in one thing: YOU DO CARE! Your family and friends love you and if you miss them, tell them! How are they supposed to know? Ask them out or invite them for lunch! Tell them you miss them and you need them. And if it doesn’t work, let them be. You can find someone else who really cares about you. But you have to care about them too.

If you feel unloved, you can always find some professional help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Or you can watch your favourite youtuber, interview with your favourite actor or actress, read your favourite blog. Or you can leave a comment on some video or article. You’re not alone in this. There’s plenty of people who feel they doesn’t matter anymore. Why not support each other?

And if you in the position of my friend, who’s friend feels unloved, try to help him, but keep in mind, that you can help someone only as much as they let you.

What about you? Did you ever feel like nobody cares about you anymore? How did you get over it? Maybe your advice will help someone today!


Love, Nia … xoxo


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