To calm down.

Hello! How is your day going? I hope you’re doing good and having a lovely day – we’re halfway through the week! I’m feeling a bit tense as I’m writing this post and I thought it would be great if I do a little ‘exercises’ I do to calm down and write it down, so you can do it with me! Enjoy!

  1. Breathe!

    Deep inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Do this 10 times and really focus on your breath. Keep breathing steadily while doing other exercises.

  2. Count to 10!

    Slowly, so you don’t feel like being in a rush.

  3. Imagine!

    Lay down if you can (if not, that’s okay) and close your eyes and imagine you’re on some lovely place having lots of laughs! (I always imagine being in a meadow full of violets and running around with a lot of cute dogs.)

  4. Drink a cup of water!

    No rush, just taste every sip.

  5. Listen to your favourite song!

    And singing along is also fun… Just sayin’.

  6. Make a list!

    Write down three or five or ten or how many you want things that make you happy. If you can’t think of anything, start with little things you’re thankful for – for example having two eyes, so you’re able to see, or having a dog, or being able to read etc.

  7. Breathe again and tell yourself you’re amazing and you’re okay and not tense anymore!

    But you really have to believe to what you just said, because otherwise it won’t work.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope these little exercises helped you a bit if you felt stressed or tensed. If you have any other tips to calm yourself down, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment!

Love, Nia … xoxo


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