Dance auditions!

Hi everyone! Some of you know I’m a dancer and this year I auditioned a lot, what made me think… You know what? I should do a post little something about dance auditions, like what to wear, what do to etc. Enjoy!
P.S.: I’m sorry I didn’t post anything last Wednesday, but I had finals and I had to study a lot. But now I’m MASTERS OF ARTS (yay!) and ready to blog again!

  1. What to wear

    What to wear depends on few things. Basically, you should wear something you feel comfortable in. Try to avoid clothes you never wore, because you never know what to expect from it. It may scratch, it may torn apart, it may do anything.
    It’s also important to choose appropriate clothes. Now I don’t mean appropriate clothes in a way that you won’t go almost naked or with some inappropriate pictures on your shirt. But appropriate in the matter of kind of audition. There’s difference between auditioning for ballet company, musical or some modern dance company. You don’t want to audition for ballet company and wear loose shirt or hair. You have to wear leotard and hair in a bun. Maybe you think this is something I don’t have to talk about, but some of you may not know this.
    Clothes can also do a lot with your body shape. You know what suits you the best, so wear that. Of course you don’t have to be ashamed of your body, but nobody wants to wear something they don’t look good in. This also applies for hairstyle.

  2. Make up

    I know a lot of people struggle with make up. They don’t know how much make up they should wear or if any at all. I’d say, in the first place, if you’re not used to wearing make up, don’t. Or wear only mascara. I personally like wearing make up to auditions, but not too much. Foundation, powder, blush, eyebrows, sometimes eye shadows (but only in nude shades), mascara and some lip colour or none (depends on whether I put on eye shadows on or not). And I’m good to go. I never wear bright red lips or blue eye shadows, because… Well I don’t think it looks good. Sorry if you wear it like this, but I, personally, don’t like it.

  3. Where to stand

    Up front! So you can see everything that’s happening and properly see every step you have to learn. I know sometimes you just miss your chance to stand up front, but you can always raise your hand and politely ask if it would be possible to change lines because you can’t see anything. If you have problems with remembering steps the minute you see them or you’re stressed and need someone in front of you just in case, try to stand in second row.


  4. What to do

    Everything they say you should! I know you probably know, but if they ask you to move to the second row or group, don’t ask why, but do it instead! I’m sure there’s a reason for everything they tell you to do or not to do. And if they tell you not to go anywhere (not even to have a cigarette), please, don’t go. Not only they have their reasons, but you can also miss your chance.
    Important thing is to dance for 120% if it’s possible. Sometimes you don’t have enough space around you and of course, you won’t hurt someone, but when it’s your turn to show them, SHOW THEM! Imagine you’re dancing to the audience or your family or whoever and whatever makes you dance like it’s your last dance ever. And dance.

  5. Important!

    Food and water. I know the last thing you want to do before and through your auditions is eating. But nobody wants to faint or feel exhausted just because they were too nervous to eat. You don’t necessarily have to eat the biggest burger with fries you could find, but a little bit is always good help. Auditions can sometimes take whole day and you need to eat at least some snack. Bring a pretzels or fruit or veggies with you just in case you will not feel good. Banana is great, because it won’t upset your stomach and it has a lot of vitamins and can give you energy.
    Plus, don’t forget to drink lots of water. I once made that mistake and forgot to bring water with me and I almost fainted.

Good luck to you at any auditions you’re going to and I hope some of these tips helps you go through. If there’s anything on your mind related to this topic, don’t hesitate and leave a comment! Thank you for reading,

Love, Nia … xoxo



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