To David Gilmour. (Yes, THAT David Gilmour)

Dear Mr Gilmour!

I honestly don’t know what to write, I just know I want to. I believe that’ll do. It’s not very good start of the letter, is it? Just so you know, I wouldn’t be writing this ‘letter’ if it’s not 1AM at night. Night always made me do things I normally wouldn’t… Thanks God.
I was just listening to your songs and remembering how many times I spent crying in darkness with your voice and music you made in my ears. Not only ears, but whole body. Because that’s what it does – it fills every cell. Then I started remembering how many times your songs helped me go through some hard times. Some people may say I’m only 23, I don’t know anything about hard times. But to all dear people who may say that – I went through hard times. Maybe it wouldn’t be hard for you at all, but this isn’t you, who is talking, it’s me and for me, it was hard. Sorry, I had to stated this since it’s public on my blog.
Now I’m going through hard times again and you know what? I think you do. Yes, I do listen to your albums. Don’t get me wrong, please. I want to feel better, that’s the reason I listen to it. I know myself and I know how to make myself feel better. In short – someone really close to me got really sick and it’s bit of a shock. I know I have to believe it’s okay (and it is, I really feel it is), still. I need to process it. And music you gave to us is amazingly capable of filling me with hope. I don’t know how you did it, but you did. I know there’s a lot going on in the world and it makes me feel really dreadful, because we got the chance to live and instead we don’t. We do almost everything we can not to live. We’re all the same ‘one’ people, but some of us (people) understood the words ‘live’ and ‘life’ other way around somehow. I don’t know, it’s night, so there’s too many thoughts going on in my mind.
So this whole letter is basically a huge thank you for always being here for me even though you actually weren’t. If that makes sense. To be honest again, lots of the songs that are helping me are written by the whole Pink Floyd, so you have to share this huge thank you with every other member. And your amazing wife and everyone who participated on making you songs. But don’t worry, it’s big enough for all of you.