img_9391Hi guys! Did you know May is a National Pet Month? Now, let me get this straight: Do you have a dog? I do. And he’s the sweetest, cutest animal on the planet (every animal is sweet and cute, I’m just being a Mommy). I’ve always wanted to have a dog and my parents promised me to get one when we move into a house. They didn’t realise it might happen someday until it does… But I’m pretty sure they love our dog Charlie no matter what.

I was recently inspired by PuppySpot to talk about how animals can improve their owners’ life in a huge matter. PuppySpot is a community of dog lovers who also help finding a loving home for puppies (and Oh my God, I’d adopt them all if I could!). As a dog owner myself, I wanna list some benefits a dog can bring into your life.

  • You get fresh air on daily basis.
    And you can eventually turn into a morning person. I am very lazy person who finds very hard to do anything. But when I walk my dog first thing in the morning, I already have feeling I started my day productively! Morning walk with your fluffy ball of joy can also be considered as an exercise. Just saying.
  • Feeling lonely? Not anymore.
    You know that feeling when you come home to no one? I don’t! I have a dog who greets me every time I come home, no matter if I was away for 3 minutes or a month. Charlie’s always so happy to see me and it makes me happy, so we’re all happy! And I swear dogs can smile when they see you after a while, even though someone may say they don’t have any facial expressions.
  • Free cuddles.
    Who doesn’t like cuddles?! I know I do! And if you’re not Dr Sheldon Cooper, you do too! For example my dog, Charlie, is always so needy and needs someone to hug him and pet him and scratch his ears and butt and it’s adorable, when he sits on you until you at least touch him to put him away (because he’s quite heavy when sitting in your lap for too long).


  • Free fun.
    I like free things and free fun is another free thing you get when you decide to bring a dog into your life. Dogs can be so funny and they never understand why you are laughing at them and that makes the whole situation even more funny! If you don’t believe me, you should find some videos online.
  • Listeners.
    Sometimes it happens. You desperately want to tell someone what happened to you, but nobody gives a s***. Been there, know that. But did you ever tried to tell it to your dog? They’re great listeners! It’s probably because they can’t actually talk, but still… I’m sure Charlie enjoys all the stories he gets to listen to. But please, don’t tell your dog to shut up whenever he starts barking. It’s just unfair.


  • BONUS! There’s almost nothing more sexy that a man with a cute dog. And if you’re a woman, remember to unleash your dog when he wants to say hello to that handsome man because you’re afraid to.

If you have a dog, comment down below what you love the most about them! And if you don’t have a dog yet and you’re considering getting one, head to Puppies for Sale! You can also visit for overloaded cuteness. I know I spent there few moments (okay, hours)! Have a nice National Pet Month!

Love, Nia (and Charlie)…xoxo

You got to love him, when you’re trying to take a picture of your smoothie for instagram and he just lays down there, because you paid more attention to the smoothie than to him.


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