Struggles people wearing contacts have.

Hi beautiful people! I’m currently in New York visiting School of American Ballet and New York City Ballet what is a dream come true! I must tell it’s pretty amazing! Anyway, when I applied my contacts the other day I was thinking ‘You know what? I wanna do a post about all the struggles people wearing contacts have. So here it is, enjoy!

1. You have to get up 20 minutes earlier because sometimes your eyes and contacts just don’t cooperate together at all and it sucks. And they literally hate you when you’re in hurry…

2. You always have to have eye drops with you in case your eyes suddenly dry out like Gobi desert or something falls into your eye.

3. When you’re wearing mascara and desperately need to rub your eyes, because you contacts just moved a little and you just can’t because when you do, you’re gonna have mascara inside your contacts. It’s a magic circle.

4. You have to blink like crazy when watching a movie or when you’re in the theatre, because the air there dries your contacts. Or maybe it’s just me.

5. You always have to think about your contacts when you’re going to sleep somewhere, because when you forget to pick them out, it’s gonna huuuuuuuurt like hell. (Even though I once forgot and nothing happened.)

6. You always have to have glasses somewhere close to you, because what if…


Okay guys, that’s all for today’s post! Hope you enjoyed it and if you did, give it a like and you can leave a comment or follow my blog! I’d love to hear some of your stories with contacts or glasses! Or other struggles you experienced!

Love, Nia … xoxo


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