What I do when in a bad mood.

Hi guys! Did you ever wake up and felt like ‘Oh, this isn’t gonna be a good day, I can feel it in my bones!’ Even though I’m trying to be positive all the time and be in a good mood, sometimes… I just have a day when everything’s screwed up and I wanna go to bed and sleep through it to another day. But I can’t just go to bed and sleep for two days and as everyone, I have to be present every day, not just ‘good ones’. I can imagine everyone hates days like this, but as long as there needs to be harmony in our lives, we’re in a bad mood every now and then. Here’s some tips how I deal with it.

  • Fill your day with music!

    I love musicals and in musicals, everyone sings and dances everywhere and all the time. When you know you’re going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day, try to listen to your favourite songs. I, personally, have songs I know they’re gonna help me lift my mood (like Octopus’ Garden by The Beatles or Toxic by Britney Spears) and the minute I feel bad, I just hit play and there you go – it helps a little. Music can be healing and you shouldn’t be forgetting that.


  • Get that cake!

    F*** the diet, you deserve to have an extra piece of cake or chocolate bar when you fell bad. Besides, chocolate can really make you feel better, which is a scientific fact.


  • Work out!

    I don’t know about you, but every time I do a little bit of a work out, my mood lifts up. It’s caused by the endorphins release to your bloodstream. And you don’t have to work your butt of, even five minutes of working out will make you feel better. Or when you don’t like working out, go for a walk, do yoga… or dance to your favourite song while making dinner.


  • Read!

    Reading a funny book or blog post or a magazines can make you happy, because you’re going to focus on something else than your problems and issues. And when you work by the computer all day long, having a book or magazine in your hand can be a nice change.


  • Write!

    What helps me go through this bad mood is writing. Because I love writing. I learned that when I feel blue, I have to write something to my diary and sort my thoughts and clean up my mind by doing it. But what really helped me when I had a long period of feeling bad, I started my personal ‘POSITIVE CHALLENGE’ by making a list of a few positive things that happened to me during the day and after then I realised how happy I actually am. And if you think there’s nothing positive in your life, try to find at least one thing. I’m sure you can find one positive thing. Even if it’s something like: I didn’t fall on the street today. Or use something I listed below! I know it sounds silly, but it actually helps.

And last, but not least…

  • Be thankful for what you have/do/achieved!

    Especially the little things you don’t have time to appreciate. Like having a home or having drinkable water or being able to eat. I’m sure there’s plenty of thing you can be proud of, let me list some here for you:
    being healthy
    – having a job
    – having kids/dogs or other pets/parents/partner/friends
    – being able to get an education
    – not having to fight in a war
    – being proud that you helped someone/you are helping someone
    – being alive
    – being able to love
    – having a freedom
    See? The little things in life we keep forgetting. But some people may not have those. Be happy for what you have and remember, there needs to be a bad day so there’s harmony in your life. And because of that harmony, bad days have to change to a good ones.

Love, Nia … xoxo


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