Lessons from kids.

As a ballet teacher of little children, I can assure you, every ballet class is a new adventure. Not only for them, but for me as well! You never know what kids can come up with, they have the bestest ideas and they are the most honest little creatures. But you know what’s the best? Not only you can teach them some ballet moves or teach them how to love dance, you also can learn so much FROM them. Here are five lessons I learned from kids, aged 4 to 6.

1. Don’t care.

Kids don’t care if they’re playing right. They don’t care if you like that terrible flower they put in their hair. They play with toys and with each other because they want to and they enjoy it and they wear whatever they like simply because they like it.

2. It’s okay to cry.

Kids cry all the time for all the different things. And it’s okay! Why shouldn’t they? So we don’t know something is wrong?

3. Like your emotions.

Showing your emotions can be very scary. I know and understand that. But children… They show emotions all the time! They laugh when something is funny, they hug you, when they like you, they try to say something nice to you or their friend when they think you’re in a bad mood (I know this isn’t emotion, but still…). So cry, laugh, be crazy! People will love you just like they love children!

4. Play.

Children play a lot. This isn’t anything new. But why shouldn’t you play? I don’t mean playing with teddy bears and dolls (you can, if you want), but find something that entertains you! Even having ‘play night’ from time to time with your friends can be very relaxing! Go dust down those board games you’re hiding under your bed and invite family or friends over this weekend!

5. Lie down.

We always let children stay in bed when they don’t feel good. Lie down when you’re ill. It’s no use when you try to be active and go to work when you have flu or you’re not feeling well. Of course, it doesn’t have to be every two weeks, but when you are feeling really really tired and bad, you should take a day off. And if you don’t want to miss a day of work, use weekend.


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