28. Invitation


Can’t sleep. What if I don’t pass? My parents will kill me.

Same text as every morning before finals. Of course she’s going to pass. She always does 100% on every single test. I usually do around 97% what is also great. Once, I did 70% because I was so sure about myself I didn’t even look at any school book. Alex was furious, but Mom was laughing so hard she fell on the floor. She said she can’t believe I did 70% without any studying. I miss her.

Lisa past, of course. She did 100%. Me, on the other hand, did not. I did pretty good, though. Me, Lisa and Thomas went to visit Mom in the hospital after school and then for ice-cream and finally I enjoyed just being with my friends. I still don’t know what Thomas feels, but I didn’t think about it once. We met Matthew’s granny on the way home and I was little bit sad Matthew wasn’t with her, I don’t even know why.

‘Oh, hello sweetie! Are you doing okay?’, she asked.

‘Yes, thanks. How are you?’

‘Oh, I’m seventy-two, I’ve been better. But hey, I’m seventy-two and still vital!’

I laughed a bit because I didn’t really know what to do.

‘Oh, honey, you’re terribly skinny! Do you eat well?’ Now that’s something grandmother would say. So I’ve heard.

‘Uhm, I had lunch today, but I didn’t eat much lately, to be honest. I keep forgetting.’

‘How can you forget to eat?! That’s terrible! Honey, you have to come for lunch someday! I make delicious meat balls.’

‘Sorry, madam, but I’m a vegetarian.’

‘Is that so? I make delicious vegetarian lasagna, Matthew’s mother is also vegetarian, so I learned quite a few vegetarian meals for her to make. You just come sometimes, okay? You know where I live. You’re always welcome.’

‘Thank you madam, you’re so sweet. Goodbye!’

‘Bye-bye honey!’

Then me and Lisa went to my place to sing some karaoke she got from her brother and when we came, we saw some car parked in front of our house.

‘Who is it?’

‘I have no idea,’ I said.

‘Hey, what are you doing? You can’t go there!’

‘Let’s find out.’

‘Are you crazy?! No! What if it’s some murderer or someone who would kidnap you?!’

‘Sure and he’s parking in front of our house for every neighbour to see.’

‘Izzy! Stop!’

‘Okay, okay. But what should I do?’

‘Wait for Alex, maybe.’

And then someone got out of the car and when he turned to face us, I knew who it is immediately.

‘Lisa, go home, okay?’

‘What?! Who is it?!’

‘It’s my father.’

‘WHAT?! You mean, that father?!’

But I didn’t answer or said anything, I just walked to him, hypnotized.


‘Hi, I’m looking for… Oh my God. You’re so grown up.’

‘Yes, what do you expect sixteen years old to look like?’

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.’

‘I’m David. As you probably know.’

‘I do. Izzy,’ and we shook hands.

‘I’m glad to see you. How is your Mom? Ames?’

‘In coma.’ He suddenly looked much older.

‘Izzy, look. I didn’t come here to make you feel bad or make you hate me. I just thought we should meet and talk a little bit. For sixteen years, I was trying to meet you somehow. Ames, your Mom didn’t want me to. I respected her decision and gave up. But there wasn’t a single day I didn’t think about you. And then, suddenly, you called me. So please, can we spend some time together? You can ask me anything, I will try my best to answer as honestly as I can. Please?’



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