My wish list.


Another list?! Of course! Me, as probably anyone else have things they wish they have. Me, as probably anyone else have list of that certain things. Let’s see mine, shall we?

Daniel Wellington watch

I don’t know about you but I know I fell in love with that stripes the minute I saw it for the first time.


Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms record

No comment needed.

A cat

Cats are so funny and cute and you spend your whole day looking at them and still can’t get enough.

Pandora bracelet

I love the idea of collecting pendants that would remind me of some moment I don’t want to forget or place I’ve been to. And because I always buy myself souvenir when travelling somewhere, I think buying pendant would be amazing alternative.

Tickets to every David Gilmour and Coldplay concert

No comment needed again. I remember something I saw on the internet a long time ago: I’m looking forward to being ghost and attend every concert I wanna see for free. I really am looking forward to it.

A scooter

I always enjoyed riding on a scooter when I was younger and even now I’m desperate for scooter.


And now please continue to non-materialistic wishes I have…

Peace everywhere

Happiness for everyone

Unlimited love for everyone and everything

World without wars, abuse, danger and violence

Equal rights for everyone

Good health for everybody

Happy life for all animals

World without animal testing


I, as well, understand there have to be balance in every aspect of the whole world, I will just never stop dreaming about the world I want to be part of. Have a nice day!



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