27. Alex


On the second photo, they are looking to each other’s eyes and holding a glass of champagne and behind them is ‘Happy New Year 2001’ banner. Mom’s wearing this cute brown mini dress and they both look so in love. I just wish I know them back then. I’ve never seen Alex looking at Mom the way my father looks at her and Mom looking at Alex like that.

I don’t even know how I fell asleep on Saturday. I was studying and studying and suddenly someone woke me up at 7:30 PM sitting by my desk. It was Alex who just came from the hospital. Summer was watching Frozen in the living room, so we talked a little bit.

‘So, how are your finals going so far?’ he asked.

‘Okay, I guess.’

‘Good. You need any help?’

‘I think I’m good, thanks.’


‘So, how’s Mom?’


‘Is it good?’

‘Think so.’

‘I think it is.’

‘Yeah. Could be worse. I mean, yeah. It’s good she’s still in the same condition. Of course it’s be great if she’s better, but it’s good as it is.’




‘What do you want for dinner?’


‘Tuna sandwich?’

‘I’m a vegetarian.’

‘I know. Sorry. So… Tomato sandwich?’



And he left. This is probably the longest we’ve ever talk to each other.

It was Saturday. Now it’s Monday 4AM and I’m wide awake. What if I don’t pass finals? I mean, it’s not a big deal considering ‘my condition’ and I can probably take them again and again until I pass, but still. Lisa’s just texting me.

Can’t sleep. What if I don’t pass? My parents will kill me.

Same text as every morning before finals. Of course she’s going to pass. She always does 100% on every single test. I usually do around 97% what is also great. Once, I did 70% because I was so sure about myself I didn’t even look at any school book. Alex was furious, but Mom was laughing so hard she fell on the floor. She said she can’t believe I did 70% without any studying. I miss her.

Of course you will.

P.S.: I uploaded a new video on my youtube channel instead Wednesday’s post, here’s the link:


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