26. Photographs


But the way he said he loves my Mom seemed like she’s the only woman in his life.

The last couple of days had been busy. And tiring. I’m studying for the finals. Even though I could do my finals later, because of the ‘tragedy in the family’ (headmaster’s words) I decided to do them just like any other student. I realised I need to keep my mind busy and I won’t have those stupid thoughts as I do when I’m all alone with my brain. Or mind. I’m glad I have to study hard to even pass my finals, because, let’s be honest, I didn’t pay much attention at school this year. Finals are next Friday, hopefully Mom will wake up soon. I miss her so much, I miss her hugs, our talks, us laying in bed together. I miss her pancakes every Sunday, the way she’s playing princesses with my sister. Today’s Saturday, so I’m home alone while Alex is at the hospital all day long and Summer’s at her grandparents. I mean, they are my grandparents too, but I don’t feel like Alex’s daughter, so I don’t feel like being his parents’ granddaughter. Does it make any sense? Someone’s knocking at the door. I bet it’s Thomas.

It was Thomas. He’s still not over Matthew. I don’t get it, I met Matthew like three times and we’re not even friends nor have interest in each other. His granny was there when it happened to Mom and that makes us somehow close to each other, but that’s all. It’s not like we’re about to be dating. I mean, he’s handsome and everything, but it’s just weird coincidence, this whole thing. I bet when it’s all over, our paths will go separate ways and that’s all. The end. Now that I’m perfectly disturbed from my studying, I’m thinking if my Mom has some photos of my father hidden somewhere. I think some could be in the old shoe box under her bed. No one ever paid attention to the shoe box, it’s been there for my whole life, it’s like when something is somewhere and that is it, you are used to it and just take it as it is. I’d never ever thought about what could be in there. Until now.

I found it. Two photos of Mom and some guy. And on the back of the photos, there’s written ‘Ames & David forever’. And the year 2001. On the first photo, they’re laying on the grass and laughing and Mom has flowers in her long blond hair and it’s just so lovely. David is handsome with black hair and wearing red and white squared and striped shirt. It’s polaroid so it has that special ‘old but cute’ feeling. On the second photo, they are looking to each other’s eyes and holding a glass of champagne and behind them is ‘Happy New Year 2001’ banner. Mom’s wearing this cute brown mini dress and they both look so in love. I just wish I know them back then. I’ve never seen Alex looking at Mom the way my father looks at her and Mom looking at Alex like that.


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