GET TO KNOW ME part 2.


Well hello! A week ago, I posted GET TO KNOW ME part 1, what can be found if you click here. Today, it is time for part 2! Again, I found this questions on if you were wondering. Oh, and I know I said it’s 25 questions, because the title on says so, but actually they must’ve been update it, because it’s 30 questions… Or less – I didn’t answer some. Now, let’s get into it!

13. Do you have any pets?

Yes, I do have a dog named Charlie and a little fish called Benjamin. Charlie’s English Springer Spaniel and fish breed is called Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish.

14. Do you have any siblings?

I do have one older brother.

15. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am technically grown up, but as long as I feel like a kid (and I do), I wanna be a writer/screenwriter. Also, I wanna be an actress, but I don’t think acting would be good for me.

16. Who was your first best friend?

Oooh, that is hard to tell. Okay, my first best friend was one girl who lived in the same building as I did and we went to kindergarten together and although we always end up having an argument over something, I think I can say she was my very first best friend.

17. How tall are you?

I’m 165 cm, what is more or less 5.4 feet.

18. Funniest moment throughout school?

Definitely when a bumble-bee came to our classroom where there were only me and my friend and I started singing a made-up song for that bumble-bee about getting out through the window and when I turned around, there was this older boy all girls had a crush on standing by the door and watching me. It was awkward, but funny as well.

19. How many countries have you visited?

Okay, let me count it… … … … … … … I’m gonna say 21 but I forgot some countries for sure.

20. What was your favourite/worst subject in High School?

I went to Dance Conservatory and my favourite subject was English or Ballet Class and worst… Probably Physics or Math. Or History of Dance because I’m unable to remember all the names and years. I’m not very good at numbers of any kind, so. Or remembering things.

21. What is your favourite drink? Animal? Perfume?

My favourite drink is an apple or multivitamin juice, I always considered dogs as my favourite animals, but now I know it’s sloths and my favourite perfume now is Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.

22. What would you name your children?

I always loved the name Emma, but now a lot of kids around me are called Emma, so I had to think of some other name. For girl, I think I’d name her Mia or Ana and for a boy I always wanted Timothy (yes, after Tim Burton), but we already have one Timothy in my family, so the other option would be Remy (yes, after Remy in Ratatouille).

23. Who are some of your favourite youtubers?

Zoella is my numero uno, then I like watching Sienna Mirabella, Mark Ferris, Thatcher Joe or Cherry Wallis.

24. How many boyfriends have you had?

I’m gonna go with number 3, althought I’m not considering one of them actually being my boyfriend.

25. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)

I have the iPhone 5S, therefore it’s an iOS.

26. What sports do you play/have you played?

I did rhythmic gymnastics for four years when I was younger and then it was only dance, especially ballet. And I’m not calling ballet a sport ever.

27. Tell us one of your bad habits!

Thanks God I have to tell only one of them! Let’s say…….. Procrastination. Ugh, I hate that.



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