24. After


‘She’s okay. Still in coma, but she’s stabilised. How are you? And Summer?’

‘She’s asleep. I told her Mommy’s in hospital, but she’s okay. And Lisa’s here.’

‘Okay. Doctors told me I can stay during the night. I will come in the morning, okay?’


‘It’s not me you should thank. Good night.’

‘Good night.’

Christmas and New Year came and went I didn’t even notice. All our attention is now focused on Mom. She’s still in coma and not about to wake up. Summer was visiting Mom with us and I must tell you, I think she knows what’s going on with her even though she cannot name it. Because of Summer, we were celebrating Christmas. Me and Alex didn’t mean to, but she kept asking about Christmas and was so excited we decided not to ruin it for her. When Lisa and Thomas were at our place to keep me company while Alex was in the hospital, Lisa said something what keeps buzzing in my head since then.

‘Shouldn’t you tell your… you know who?’

‘Who?’ I asked.

‘You know. The telephone man,’ she said and made quotation marks in the air. Thomas obviously had no idea what she’s talking about and I didn’t feel like explaining anything about my biological father to him.


‘Why not?’

‘Just because. Let it go, please, we can talk about it or him later.’ I know it sounded rude, but I don’t want Thomas to know. At least for now. Then someone knocked on the door.

‘I’ll get it,’ said Thomas and went to open the door. A minute later I heard someone I didn’t expect to hear even in the wildest dream.

‘Uhm, hi. Is Izzy here?’

‘Depends on who’s asking,’ said Thomas obviously not happy to see another boy looking for me.

‘Sorry. I’m Matthew. We met few days ago.’

‘Oh, so you’ve met. Do you know what happened to her, then? I don’t think she’s in a mood for a date.’ And he spit the word ‘date’ as it was poisoned.

‘I know. My grandma was in the shop when it happened, don’t worry.’ Matthew started to be nervous too.

‘It’s okay Thomas,’ I said, ‘come in.’

And then we just talked and pet his dog and it helped me feel better for a while. But the thing with my father I just can’t shake off.


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