2017 begins.

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. At first, I wanted to enjoy few days off, because last month was super busy for me. But a few days off and being ill became me feeling as unproductive as never. And very anxious.

I hate feeling like this and I feel bad about myself for being unproductive. I was doing a lot of thinking yesterday when we travelled home from beautiful Salzburg (expect photos coming in some post) and realised something I had to realise waaaaay sooner. Being unproductive or anxious or any type of other ‘bad’ habits is part of me. It is me whether I want it or not. And by hating myself for it doesn’t help me a tiny bit. It only makes it worse. I’m working on loving myself no matter what for about a year now and although I’m not even half way there, the actual working on it is a huge step.

Love yourself no matter what. You’re the only one spending whole life with yourself.

This is my go to quote and while I have no idea who said it or if it was me who said it, nevermind. The important thing is the meaning of it. Whenever I feel bad about something I did or didn’t do or said or whatever, I try to remember this quote. You should not only love yourself but forgive yourself. Forgive yourself but remember what for, so you can improve.

Leave the past in 2016.

I saw this on instagram the other day and promised myself to really leave the past behind. I love being nostalgic and it’s okay, I just need not to let them hurt me. Isolate things I may regret I did and… Actually, don’t regret anything. If I regret something, what’s the point? I cannot do anything about it anymore and all it does is making you feel like shit and not enjoying the present time and the best things happening can easily slip through your fingers.

Use that workout app you downloaded finally!

That is true, I’ve got two apps for working out and the last time I worked out was three months ago.

Write, write, write.

And don’t let anything and anyone discourage you. Actually, I should use people trying to discourage me encourage me. Yes, that I will do.


I almost forgot how satisfying reading a book is. I didn’t have my laptop with me in Salzburg so I was reading every night before bed and it was amazing. Now I have my new chair I got for Christmas and it just calls: ‘Read the book in me, please!’ Sounds creepy but it is how it is.

Okay, so all I need to add is to enjoy 2017 as much as you can and make the most of it! And love yourself and the others and make your dreams come true. I cannot thank you enough for reading my blog and subscribing, you guys are the best!



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