‘Are you going to pick Summer, please, Izzy,’ I’ve never seen Alex so sad and… Empty. Just like me.

‘Yeah. We’ll be at home. But please, call me. Please.’

‘I will.’

Summer knew something happened. She can sense when I’m sad. And she’s not blind. She can see my puffy red eyes.

‘Izzy you cried,’ she told me. She didn’t ask, she just told me.

‘Yes, I did,’ I told her, because I’m not going to lie to her. ‘Something happened to our Mommy. She is okay. She’s in hospital. Do you know what hospital is?’


‘It’s a place you go to when you’re feeling ill. There are doctors and nurses and they help people who are sick or not feeling good.’

‘Is Mommy sick?’

‘Kind of.’

‘Is Daddy at the hospital?’

‘Yes, he’s there with Mommy.’

‘Daddy is sick too?’

‘No, he is just making her company.’



Summer’s asleep now and Alex still didn’t call. I’m so nervous I’m already making scenarios in my head about guy who shot her. What if he’ll come for her? Or us? What if it wasn’t just ‘normal’ robbery, but Mom knew something she shouldn’t know? So he came on purpose? I didn’t get to see Mom when I was at hospital. Doctor told me she’s got her brain damaged, that’s why she’s in coma. The bullet went through her stomach, but as she was falling down, she hit her head on the table really hard.

‘Knock, knock!’ Oh how I got scared! Who can it be? It’s almost one at night! And Alex has got the keys. What if it’s the thief?!

‘Izzy! Are you there?!’ I hear Lisa’s voice. I run to the door.

‘Lisa! I’m so glad it’s you! I thought it’s the thief!’ And I hug her so tight I think she cannot breathe. That’s when I see someone standing behind her.

‘Hi. Sorry, I had to see if you’re okay.’

‘Hi. I’m better now, thanks. Come on in, I can use some company.’

‘Sorry, he just said he’s coming with me and I couldn’t shake him off.’ I must admit I’m glad to see Thomas here. It’s somehow relieving. And I can’t believe Lisa’s Mom let her come here at one o’clock at night.

‘When I heard what happened to your Mom, I made mine drive me, well… us… here and leave me with you for the night.’

‘I’m glad you’re here. Both of you.’

Finally the phone started ringing. It’s Alex.

‘She’s okay. Still in coma, but she’s stabilised. How are you? And Summer?’

‘She’s asleep. I told her Mommy’s in hospital, but she’s okay. And Lisa’s here.’

‘Okay. Doctors told me I can stay during the night. I will come in the morning, okay?’


‘It’s not me you should thank. Good night.’

‘Good night.’


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