22. Longer than I thought


‘I won’t ask you about my father again, I promise.’

‘No, stop. You have every right knowing you father. But give me some time, okay? Can you do that?’

‘Yea, sure. I was waiting for fifteen year, I can wait a little bit longer.’

But I didn’t know I will have to wait that long. Next morning before I left for school (still without my classmates, but they’re coming back tonight) I was so happy me and Mom are good I made everyone pancakes. Legit I woke up at six without an alarm clock and made pancakes. It happened around eleven when our headmaster called me to his office.

‘Hello Izzy, how are you?’ he asked.

‘Good, thank you. Um, what’s going on?’ I’ve never been called to a headmasters office ever.

‘Your stepdad is on his way to pick you up. But… Um… There’s something you should know.’ That sounds bad. ‘I don’t really know how to tell you, but…’

‘Just tell me, please. Is it Summer? Is it our house?! Another fire?!?’


‘It’s fire, isn’t it?!?!’ I’m terrified of fire since the accident.

‘No, it’s not fire. There was a robbery in the charity shop where your Mom works.’ Oh my God.

‘Oh my God. Is she okay?’

‘Well, not really. She’s in the hospital. She… Uhm.. She’s in coma.’

After this sentence, Alex came in. And everything went black.

‘Izzy! Izzy! Izzy, wake up!’ I can hear some voice calling my name and suddenly I feel someone’s slapping me again and again.

‘What happened?’ I ask. ‘Alex. What are you doing here?’ And then I remembered.

‘Where’s Mom?! What happened?! Mom…’ and I start crying, of course.

‘Your Mom’s gonna be okay. She’s having a surgery now. But doctor said she will be okay. The bullet didn’t…’


‘Yes.’ And everything went black again.

After I woke up the second time, nobody wanted to tell me anything before me and Alex get to the hospital. Then he told me… Mom was at work as usual when some guy in a mask came in and asked for money.

‘She told him she’s not giving him anything and to get out. Then he pulled a gun and… Oh, f*ck… Shot her.’ I couldn’t help myself, but started crying. ‘There was one old lady at the back of the shop when this happened and she called the police and an ambulance. I don’t know who it was, but I will be forever grateful to her.’ It’s been an hour since he told me and although I stopped crying, I feel empty.

‘You should go pick you sister.’

‘I’m not going anywhere.’

‘Please, Izzy. I can’t go pick her up.’

‘I can’t either. She will know something’s going on.’

‘Something is going on.’

‘I’m not leaving.’

‘Are you Amanda’s family?’ I got scared I almost fell off the chair.

‘Yes. Yes, we are.’

‘Hello, I’m Grace. I was there when it happened,’ said an elderly lady.

‘Oh! Hello! I… Thank you for calling the police. If you weren’t there… Thank you so much! How can I repay you?’

‘Oh, darling, it’s totally okay! Amanda is an amazing woman. I just pray she will be alright. You must be Izzy,’ she turned her attention to me.

‘Yes, hello. Thank you for saving my Mom. You don’t know how thankful we are.’

‘It’s alright sweetie! I’m just glad I was there! Here’s my number, call me, if you need anything or when Amanda gets better.’

‘Granny! Here you are!’ I hear someone yelling. And I know that voice.

‘I’m here, darling. Okay, I must go, I will pray. Good luck!’

‘Oh, hi Izzy. I… I heard. I’m terribly sorry.’

‘Hi. Thanks.’

‘If you need anything, just let me know.’


‘Are you going to pick Summer, please, Izzy,’ I’ve never seen Alex so sad and… Empty. Just like me.

‘Yeah. We’ll be at home. But please, call me. Please.’

‘I will.’


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