How to behave at the theatre. Few tips.

Hello! I made myself a cup of coffee, I put my pumpkin and sweet potato into the oven and it’s time to do something I love the most. Writing a post.
I went to small theatre on Monday and ended up really pissed. Not that the performance was bad (it wasn’t very good, either, though), but some people in the audience… Argh. I’m a dancer. I’m used to go the theatres and shows and performances. I know how it feels when there’s people watching you, who actually doesn’t even want to be there. And I know how it is when people just. can’t. behave. Therefore, here are few tips how to behave in the theatre from me, who’s sometimes on stage.

  • That guy (or woman) telling you to turn off your mobile phones before the show starts isn’t joking.
    I’m serious. It doesn’t mean you should put your phone on silence and check facebook or twitter or instagram every five minutes. It is very disturbing for people around you, who wanna enjoy the performance and all they’re enjoying (or they’re not) is light from your f****** phone.
  • Do you really have no other place to talk to your partner than theatre?
    I mean… I understand you were at work/school/home without your friend/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dog etc., but those people who are performing also don’t talk on stage with their relatives.
  • Try to move less.
    Because we, who are behind you, managed to find a crack to see through before the show and when you start speaking to your neighbour or feel an urge to hug your love during the show, we have to find another gap and another and another and end up focusing only on the gap. And I’m not even talking about the people behind us.
  • Do not take pictures.
    If you really want to get that shot and your life depends on it, wait for the bow and do not use flash.
  • If you’re bored…
    There’s the door. Seriously. It’s okay you don’t find the show interesting. It’s okay you’re not feeling good. It’s okay if you don’t like it. But please, just leave. Try not to persuade yourself to stay and then ruin the show to your friends by moving all the time, complaining all the time, yawning all the time, looking at your phone all the time… Even if you’re sitting in the middle of the row, you will disturb less if you just simply leave.


Okay, that would be it! Please, be considered when going to the theatre! Whether it’s national theatre or some small group of artists who are performing at some sort of room or other space. They’re performing for the audience (you are part of) and without the audience, there’s no theatre. I ask you to try thinking about other people who may like the play or show or choreography and they’re not able to enjoy it, because someone is ruining it for them.
Thanks so much for reading, it means world to me! Follow me on the social media (twitter, instagram) if you want to be updated about my new posts!

Love, Nia … xoxo


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