21. Little longer


‘He’s so cute.’

‘Oh don’t be fooled. He’s such a pain in the ass. But you know, you gotta love the dog no matter how much of a pain in the ass he is.’

‘Mom?’ Nothing. ‘Moooom?’

‘Mom’s in her room,’ says Summer, who just got up from bed because I’m shouting like crazy.

‘Go to bed Summer, I’m sorry I woke you up.’

‘Good night.’

‘Nighty night.’

As I’m going upstairs, I can hear Mom talking to someone on the phone. I know it’s rude to listen to other people’s conversations, but I run downstairs to living room, because there’s our second phone anyway and I hear Mom talking to… my… You know who.

‘I still don’t understand why you told her. I asked you not to! Never!’ She’s definitely mad.

‘I know Amiee, but I am her father! I want her to know!’

‘I am her mother, David! I was with her when she cried, because she was ill! I was with her when she laughed the first time she’d seen kitties play! I was with her when her first boyfriend broke up with her! Where were you?!’

‘I tried not to contact you just like you asked me to! But there isn’t a day I’m not thinking about you two! I wrote her postcard every single year for her birthday and hoped I will be able to give it to her! I still hope! I know I wasn’t around, but that’s what you wanted! Don’t blame me Aimee, please. I know I left, but we agreed you and Izzy will come soon. And you never did. I don’t blame you, it was me who left. But I wasn’t the one who cut me out of your life.’

Mom’s silent. I don’t like it.

‘Aimee? Are you there?’


‘Did she come back?’


‘Thanks God.’

And then Mom hung up and she’s going to living room now.

‘Mom, I’m so sorry! I really am! Sorry Mom, I love you!’ There’s a lot of crying and hugging in this house lately.

‘I’m sorry too, sweetie,’ and we hugged tight.

‘I won’t ask you about my father again, I promise.’

‘No, stop. You have every right knowing you father. But give me some time, okay? Can you do that?’

‘Yea, sure. I was waiting for fifteen year, I can wait a little bit longer.’


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