My bucket list.

Oh, hey there! Let me ask you – who doesn’t love lists? I know I do! That’s why I make a list of everything and anything I possibly can and it makes me SO HAPPY. I’m not sure it’s okay that listing things makes me so incredibly satisfied, but I don’t really care. As you probably know from the title, I’m gonna list some points (is this the right word?) from my bucket list. Enjoy!

1. Live in London for a while.

First thing on my bucket list is to live in London for a while. As I mentioned in some posts before, I love London. I do, I feel comfortable being there and I always enjoy visiting London. But… As I visited Amsterdam last week (here’s the link to my post about the trip), I really really really wanna live in Amsterdam. Even for a little while. Thinking about it, I know exactly why I put ‘for a while’ part here. I knew I wanted to live in London, but I wasn’t sure I’m not gonna find any other place or city I’d like to move to. So I should change it to:

1. Live in London, Amsterdam, … for a while.

Yes, that will do.

2. Experience David Gilmour perform live.

Some of you guys may know who my favourite musician of all time is, but let me give you some hint: it’s David Gilmour. (My favourite musician of all time is, of course, my boyfriend, but he’s unknown for the world yet, because he’s quite shy with his music). Meaning you just must understand how much I want to see Mr Gilmour perform live. I almost got tickets to one of the gigs of his last tour, but finally ended up only with scrolling through pictures and watching youtube videos. Please please please, if there’s some magical power, let me see him perform live. Even once would be cool. Thank you.

3. Become a writer.

Well, that’s basically the reason I started writing ‘Izzy series’ and this entire blog. I always loved writing and I believe I always will do. I was one of the kids, who had their nose buried in a book all the time. I still buy books and read them (although I should read more) and I still don’t have enough bookshelves to put them in. I have a ridiculous amount of stories I started writing as a child or even now, as an adult, and never finished. I may not earn money from writing yet and maybe I never will and I end up teaching ballet as I am now as a full time job, but writing will always be my favourite thing to do. Always.

4. Meet Tim Burton.

Well, not very realistic point Nia, but it’s been on my bucket list even before I had a bucket list, so what else to say? I remember I wanted Tim Burton to be my godfather (because I don’t have one) when I was a kid. Silly me.

5. See Aurora.

Aurora being polar light, you probably know how incredible it is. I’ve only seen it on pictures though, but it’s something incredible and amazing made by nature. I will always be fascinated by light for sure so this isn’t very surprising point of my bucket list. Have some of you seen it in real life? Was it amazing? I know it was… *insert crying face*

6. My dream man.

I know, I know, it’s odd and boring. I still am going to list this point here, because it was important to me and it still is. My dream man should have brown eyes, brown hair not too short and not too long, should be skinny and tall, should make me laugh and play guitar. My dream man should love me for who I am, even when I’m all happy and crazy or sad and crying. He should like me even when I’m all sparkish and sexy or disgusting and looking like 140 years old woman. Wait… I can definitely remove this one point here.

That’s all for today’s post, hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope I’ll see you soon! You can find me on instagram or twitter too, thanks for reading!

Love, Nia … xoxo


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