Long time no see! I got a lot of travelling going on for the past few days and also weeks if you want. I went to Moscow, then came back home for four days and attended an amazing Balanchine technique workshop (dancers will understand) with an amazing dancer and teacher Silas Farley and then packed my suitcase again and jumped into the plane to visit my friend in Brussels! Well, not only Brussels as you can guess by the title, so let’s talk about it a little bit more.

Although me and my friend went to Brussels to visit our other friend, we didn’t stay long. Because Amsterdam was my (and my friend’s in Brussels) dream destination for quite a while now, we decided to visit it at least for two days. And it was definitely worth it. I’m not afraid to say those of you, who already visited Amsterdam loved it as much as I do. I believe in love at first sight but didn’t know it exists with the places you see as well! I know I love London, but I don’t think I fell in love with it instantly after my first visit. But Amsterdam… Whole other story. The people there are amazing, everyone was smiling and nice and looked happy (no wonder why, if you know what I mean). We booked an apartment via airbnb and I recommend using airbnb wherever you go if you can. I mean, the hotel is nice, I like being in a hotel, but the thing with this apartments that actually belongs to people is, you can explore the city and the living in that city more or less as a residents of the city do. Of course, you don’t need to go to work etc., but you can at least experience how people live. The owner of the apartment was very helpful and amazing and we also had super nice neighbours and lived in a super nice area with all those cute hipster bars and restaurants and we were only about 20-30 mins walking from the city centre. There were bicycles and cyclists everywhere, obviously, and you really needed to be careful when crossing the road, especially if you’re not used to bicycles going from and to every direction. The weather was amazing, blue sky and quite warm, what more to ask for? I can tell for sure Amsterdam trip was the most amazing place I’ve been to this year (and I’ve been to a lot in 2016). If I could, I would move into Amsterdam right this minute! Enjoy the photos!


I promise there’s no more blurred photos, so keep scrolling…



Cute mug is a way to my heart


The best breakfast I’ve ever had! Plus the name is just on point – Omelegg.



The coolest shopping mall I’ve ever seen.



We couldn’t find any Halloween Party near our place, but found plenty Halloween decorated bars and pubs in the centre the next day. I wish we knew!



… I do.


I just LOVE all of those people smiling to my camera!

Love, Nia … xoxo

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