17. Mystery caller called again

I’m in Moscow when you’re reading this and be back tomorrow! It’s strange to write these words a week early, like I’m some prophet, haha! See you soon!

Love, Nia … xoxo


‘…’ Silence.


‘Uhm, hello? Is Ames there?’

‘Who is it?’ Wait, I’ve heard that voice before.

‘It’s … It’s her old friend. Is she there?’



‘…’ So it’s true. Mom’s seeing someone.

‘Hello? Can you hear me?’

‘Yes, I can hear you very clearly! I don’t know, who you are, but I know my Mom has two kids and a husband! Do you understand? She has a family! How dare you to make her cheat on us?! Did she even tell you?! I might not like her husband, but I try to accept him as far as he’s the father of my little sister!’

‘Stop it, please.’

‘Don’t tell me to stop it! Can you imagine how I feel?! Finding out my Mom’s seeing someone?! By calling her home?!’

‘You don’t understand…’

‘It’s very rude to call her home when anyone can answer the phone?! Or was it intended?! Did you agreed that it’s the best way to break the news?!’

‘Izzy, please…’

‘Do you thi… Wait! How do you know my name? Did she tell you?’

‘No. She didn’t have to.’

‘Who are you?! I’m calling the police!’

‘I named you that. I am your father, Izzy.’


‘Izzy? Are you okay? Hello?’

‘This isn’t a very good joke.’ And I smashed the phone and my body to the ground and started crying. I don’t understand what’s going on. Mom found me like this, but I couldn’t tell her why I’m crying like a big baby. I upset Summer, but I don’t care. I left to my room and locked the door. Thanks God we’re not that broke we still have doors with lockers. I don’t know why I believed some stranger saying he’s my father. But deep down… I feel like he might be telling the truth.


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