16. Thoughts and a piece of paper

Hey guys! I’m going to Moscow next week! It’s a ‘school trip’ – me, my two classmates and three teachers are going to visit one of the private ballet schools what is very very excited. I’ll schedule one post for Wednesday and one for Saturday to 4PM, because I don’t wanna miss posting something! Have a beautiful week, y’all!

P.S.: I’ve seen Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children yesterday and I loved it! Seems like Tim Burton’s back, yay! (from my point of view, anyway). I already bought a book and cannot wait until I’m sitting on the plane and reading it! If I’m not gonna read it now and tomorrow and then I have nothing to read…

Love, Nia … xoxo

Do you remember how I told you about the school trip to London? How everyone at school talked about it and I felt sad because I cannot go? Well, the trip’s next week and NOW every single person at school is talking about it. They still believe they’re gonna meet Ed Sheeran. I’d love to go, visiting London was always my dream. I have a poster of London’s Big Ben and the typical red telephone booth on my wall. Lisa’s going too. I’m gonna be here alone for a week! Not all alone, of course. I’m not the only one who isn’t going on a trip. Miss Lantern (my class teacher) told me today that I’ll have ‘special’ classes with twelve other kids from our school who’s staying. I wonder who it is because I hear literally everyone at school corridors talking about it. Lisa said she’ll bring me souvenir, but I don’t want to. I know it’s gonna make me sad every time I look at it. But as far as I know her, she will bring me a little something. It’s a shame I don’t have a phone so she can’t call or text me whenever she wants to tell me something important happening on London. I remember when we were younger and tried to communicate through our minds or thoughts without speaking. It didn’t work, obviously. I think we saw it in some film and were really upset when it didn’t work out for us. I miss those innocent times when there were no boys, no cells, no money problems or no people who cared whether I’ve got the newest iPhone or the newest and the most expensive clothing line. Great, now I’m upset again. I don’t like being teenager when I have those moods changes every minute. Wow, a little piece of paper with my name on it just landed on my desk.

I’ll miss you in London.

Who sent it?!

‘Lisa. Look.’ I whispered and showed her the paper.



‘Look at him.’ And I looked and saw him looking at me and it’s so obvious it was him, who sent the message.

I’d love to go, London is my dream destination. Hope you all will have fun. 🙂

I try not to think about him and Poppy in the same bus, the same city, the same hotel. Then I put the paper into my backpack and decide to throw it away later.


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