The struggle is real – being a morning person.

Hello! Hope you’re having a great week so far! As the title probably told you, this post is about my struggle of being a morning person. Let’s jump into it!


This is what you’re (I’m) missing when sleeping late

I’ve been trying so hard for the past two months or so to be a morning person. I was always a night owl (you have no idea how I wish I can be both – the morning bird and the night owl), but I realised I don’t like sleeping late. I never liked it, because than it feels like my day is so short and I’m not able to fully enjoy and experience it. But I must tell you – it’s so hard to wake up early! Especially when it’s so cold and dark! My original plan was getting up at 6 or 6:30 AM every morning, but I just couldn’t help myself waking up that early when I don’t need to (of course it’s different when I need to be somewhere or meet someone in the morning). By ‘I don’t need to’ I mean when I’m at home doing schoolwork or tidying etc. My inner voice always tells me: ‘Hey, you don’t need to wake up that early, you’d still have plenty of time even if you snooze the alarm for the next hour!’ I mean, seriously?! Well, the thing is, I never shout ‘Shut up!’ to my inner voice and just go like ‘Okay.’ instead. And then snooze it again and again and end up getting up two hours later… Every night before going to bed I tell myself, okay, I’m gonna wake up early this time. I can do it! But I never do. I have this app called Sleep Cycle which I love, because when I actually wake up when the app wakes me, I feel really fresh and very well rested. I only wish I can get up according to the app. I’m going to write down a couple of tips for myself down here to help me get up when I want to, not when my inner voice tells me (there you go, you #*@!).

1. Put that phone further away from your bed. (So I actually HAVE to get up to turn it off.)

2. Go make tea the minute I get up. (To avoid crushing in bed again.)



Maybe making nice yummy breakfast can be something to look forward to in the morning!

3. Wear a bathrobe or a hoodie instantly after getting up from bed. (So you’re not cold and have no excuse to go back to this comfy warm bed again.)

4. Go pee. (No questions. Just do it.)

5. Stay in the kitchen or go to the living room to drink your morning tea and NOT back to your room and your bed.

6. Find something to do in the morning instead of laying in bed and drinking tea. (It doesn’t necessary mean tidying up whole house, but read a book or watch some videos or series or TV or so.)

Okay, that could be about it! I’m gonna print the list out and try to do everything from it every morning. You can get up at 7AM, Nia, I believe in you!

Thanks so much for reading! And if you’ve got more tips on how to get up early, leave them down in the comments and maybe you help me or someone else with the struggle of waking up early! Stay tuned for the next post,

love, Nia … xoxo


7 thoughts on “The struggle is real – being a morning person.

  1. Dominica Sygula says:

    Haha I’m laughing because YES the struggle is real lol I’m lucky to be a fulltime blogger and not having to get up early everyday, I used to get up at 5am everyday to make my fiancé lunch for work but yesterday I came up with an idea to make it the night before loool horrible lazy woman I am. By the way 2. Making a tea the min u get up, if you haven’t got it yet get some greentea, they better than coffee, best energy boost and its tasty and healthy! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from


    • coffeebreakwithnia says:

      Hello! I don’t have a husband, so there’s no making lunch for me, haha! But I completely understand your situation. Oh no, you’re not lazy at all, you’re just amazing in bringing new ideas! Yes, I do have green tea (LOVE it and totally agree with you), but I’m used to drink everyday tea from M&S in the morning for the past few weeks and it’s amazing. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it means a lot to me! Have a beautiful day as well, hope to ‘read’ you soon!


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