15. Bed talks

Hey readers! I’m meeting my conservatory/high-school classmates today and I’m not sure if I’m excited or not. I mean, I haven’t seen some of them for nearly five years (we were at school from 8AM to 6 or 7PM every workday together for eight years, what is a lot), but I didn’t miss them that much, to be honest. I did miss some of them, of course and I’m still going out with my best friends from my class, so I don’t really know what to expect. We’ll see, hopefully it will be all good. I’m sure it will.

Love, Nia … xoxo

Mom is so sad today. I noticed something’s wrong with her yesterday, but I didn’t ask. I’m an early bird, the only one in the house, so you can imagine my surprise when Mom came to my room at seven this morning and laid down in the bed with me. Mom laying in my bed means she wants to talk about something. It’s been a long time since we laid together in bed and I was quite nervous because I had no idea what she wants to talk about.

‘How are you, sweetie?’ she asked me.

‘I’m better now, Mom, thank you. Why?’

‘Just checking. Oh, I missed us being in your bed and talking. It’s nice, isn’t it?’


‘So, Thomas is out, isn’t he?’

‘Yea.’ I eventually did tell Mom about what happened between me and Thomas. She would find out by herself, anyways.

‘He was such an idiot. But he really was cute!’ We started laughing.

‘He was one cute idiot,’ I said.

‘Very much true.’ And then she started crying. All of a sudden!

‘Mom?’ No answer. ‘Mom? What’s wrong?’ Just a few days ago it was me, who was crying and her, who was asking me what’s wrong.

‘It’s almost Christmas, Izzy.’

‘Yes, in a couple of months.’ I have no idea where she’s going with this.

‘All the moms from yours and Summer’s school are talking about christmas presents.’

‘Ehm… Okay.’

‘I can’t Izzy! We don’t have enough money for christmas presents,’ and she started crying madly.

‘Mom, it doesn’t matter. Really! I can live without some christmas presents.’

‘I know, honey. But Summer’s too small to understand, she still believes in Santa. I can’t disappoint her!’

‘You won’t. Look, Alex is having a job now, too. I’m sure, you can save something for some little present for Summer.’

‘Look at you. You’re all grown up now. You truly are the best daughter a mother could ever ask for,’ she smiled and kissed me on the head.

‘It’s okay, Mom. You’ll figure out something, as always.’

‘Thanks, darling. Time to make some breakfast!’

‘Can I help you?’

‘Of course! Let’s go!’ It’s so nice to spend time with Mom sometimes.


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