I’m not sure how I feel about autumn.


Hello you! And hello autumn!
I feel like I should love autumn, because everyone does. But you know what? I think I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn when I can be at home and make a cup of tea, bake and be all cozy. But unfortunately I can’t! I need to go to work and to school and for a walk with my doggie and I’m sure most of you have duties to do too. At that point, I hate autumn. I mean, it’s raining a lot and it’s windy all the time. Maybe if I’ve got a car, I’d think about autumn differently! You know what? Let’s find something I truly love about autumn together, okay? Hmm… I love how the leaves are changing its colour and how you can wear cozy clothes. I actually remember being at primary school and the teacher gave us an assignment to write short essay about our favourite season and why we like it. To be honest, I always hated writing essays at school because it didn’t feel comfortable having only 45 minutes class to do so. I’m the type of person who needs to think what I’m going to write about and then I can start, but I never had time for thinking AND writing during these short periods of time. And then I wasn’t satisfied with my essay, of course. I just didn’t think through it properly! So we had that assignment – My favourite season and why. I decided to choose autumn as my favourite season and did write exactly the same I like about autumn as I do now. I remember one sentence: ‘I like it because of the colour of the leaves.’ I don’t know what is my point with talking about my primary school essay, to be honest. I just found interesting that I can remember what I wrote and that it matches what I like about autumn now. Oh and candles! I love candles! When they smell nice, of course. img_8919I’m burning a candle
as I write these lines (Cosy by the Fire Yankee Candle) and it’s so nice. I just feel relaxed and happy because I’m doing my favourite thing in the world while smelling really nice candle. And drinking tea. I switched for tea for the moment, although I still drink and like coffee. But I love tea and always did, it’s just something that didn’t go well with summer, if you know what I mean. Except the ice tea, of course. I’m used to drink lots of tea when it’s cold outside. Maybe I should re-name my blog to Tea Time with Nia only for these cold seasons! That reminds me I should buy me some apple and cinnamon tea, which is my go-to. I got a new travel mug from Tim Burton’s Exhibition in Shanghai (you may see it in my Shanghai Haul video – click for the redirection) and I can see myself making some tea into it, wrap myself in the nice cozy scarf and go to school or work. Nice big scarfs are another ones of my faves during autumn and winter seasons. I always liked to wear clothes that cover me from head to toe, so summer and not a lot of clothing on me is just something I have to work on a little bit. I love big cozy scarfs because you can use it as a scarf (obviously), as a blanket or as a hat when it’s really cold and windy. You just need to put it over your head a little bit and there you go! Plus you can put hood over the top if you’re wearing coat or something with a hood and you are good to survive. Coats! I almost forgot how much I love coats. I always did, since I was little girl. And loose sweaters. And hats. One of my Mom’s favourite things to say about my childhood is how I tried on all of the hats I saw when we went shopping. And to be honest, it’s the best thing in the world! I still try on every single hat or cap or whatever you can put on your head I see. Some things never change, I believe!


I made these Apple Crumble Cupcakes yesterday and they are delish! I’ve got the recipe from Zoella’s video, but she uploaded it to her blog as well, I believe.

So, we came to an end and I’m very happy I was able to find so many aspects I love about autumn! Stay tuned for more posts and thanks so much for reading!!! Have a beautiful day, you all!

Love, Nia … xoxo


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