Harry Potter Party.

Hello! Harry Potter is my absolute favourite thing in the world! Basically, I went to Harry Potter party at one of the bookstores nearby and it was thrown to celebrate ‘Cursed Child’ and I’m like: ‘Wait, that’s a good theme for a post!’ so I’m gonna write little something about what particular characters taught me. Hope you’ll enjoy it and let’s get started!


Starting off with the main character, Harry taught me that it’s not always a bad idea to trust your friends and to take everything that happens to me as it is without feeling sorry for myself.


Hermione is my all time favourite person in the whole series. Yes, it’s because she’s a girl and when I was about 10 when I saw the first movie, all I cared about was that she’s a girl. But she’s also very brave and not only at facing some bad guys but also at being smart and not be ashamed of it.


Funny as he is, Ron is very protective of the people he loves. He would always fight for his family members or his close friends. And for the good side, of course.


It doesn’t matter if you feel like you don’t belong in your family. It’s okay to be the only one who’s against being a bad ass and it’s okay if your family doesn’t get it. It’s okay if your dream is different then what your family wants you to do. If you don’t wanna be the Death Eater, don’t be. Try to be as good as you can and justice will find its way to your life even when you’re dead. Sirius Black is my favourite male character since I’m about fifteen but I honestly think Gary Oldman has a great merit on that.


When you think old people are boring, you’re wrong! They can surprise you and tell you some words of wisdom. Also, it’s okay when you’re mysterious and people doesn’t know every single detail of your life. So turn off that facebook and delete your status about your latest poo. Was I the only one who cried when he died and who wants music that played in the movie when he died to play on their funeral?


I still feel uncomfortable saying his name out loud, but what this prick taught me is, that BEING BAD GUY DOESN’T DO ANY GOOD TO ANYBODY! And that people, who doesn’t have the best life can do some pretty impressive things (just don’t do anything like he did, please).


Professors can be freaking awesome from time to time!


Professors can be freaking awesome from time to time! And also, people can really surprise you. And that love never dies and it is infinite.


Although Hagrid is not a very good professor, he knows how to use his heart and he has his how-to for the things he’s good at. I think everybody need the kindest little giant I’ve ever seen in their lives.


You never know what that awkward child from your class is capable of. So be nice to him and he can kill Nagini for you in the future.


Your parents do what they can to protect you and your six siblings. They may not be as rich as your friends parents, but they really do try their best. It’s not an easy job to be a parent to one child, not to mention seven kids.


Even when your parents aren’t always there for you physically (for example if they’ve been killed by the Dark Lord), they’re always in your heart and it’s up to you whether you learn something from their behaviour and actions or not. Thanks God I still have my parents and I know they would do the exact same thing Lily and James did to save their son.


Oh, the twins. Fred and George may not be the best at their duties, but they were the right ones to call when you’re missing little fun. These wonderful twins taught me to enjoy and do what you love even if your family doesn’t agree. And that it’s not a crime to have fun in your life even at the darkest times, as well!
R.I.P. Fred 😦

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Nia … xoxo

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