Summer favourites throwback.

School started a long time ago, Zoella launched her autumn (and christmas) range, days are shorter and shorter and summer is slowly ending. But let me give it one more shoutout before it’s definitely gone in this ‘SUMMER FAVOURITES THROWBACK‘.



Although I’m huge supporter of make up free life and especially make up free summer because all of the sweating and opening pores and your make up going in or melts on your face etc etc, I did use quite a lot of make up this summer. Let’s just jump into it.


1. W7 bronzer

Okay, I wanted some bronzer for a long time but wasn’t completely sure if I’m gonna use it, so I was like ‘No, I’m not gonna buy it now… Maybe later.’ But! I finally bought this W7 bronzer two weeks ago what is pretty much last minute of the summer (but still summer, right?) and I immediately fell in love. It only needs a little bit of practice and some youtube make up tutorials.


2. Alverde triple pink blush

I love pink blushes during summer time and I couldn’t resist buying new one this summer. It was little bit last minute as well but I’m using it ever since. I love how kind of glittery and light it is and how it makes your cheeks shine.

3. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea & Cucumber Perfume

I was living in this perfume whole summer and a few days before and still am now. The smell of green tea is my favourite smell so I didn’t have to think twice before buying it. I think cucumber is the most summer-y vegetable of all vegetables in the world (probably not true, but imagine good, fresh and cold cucumber lemonade, yummy!). I feel like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea & Cucumber is perfect for summer because it’s very fresh and light.
P.S.: I bought E. Arden’s Green Tea (no cucumber) perfume yesterday and can’t wait to use it!


4. I LOVE … Coconut Bath & Shower Creme

The name of this brand simply reflects my feelings about this product. I’m not a huge fan of bubble baths or baths in general but with this coconut bath creme… It’s a whole other story. Along with green tea smell, coconut smell is my favourite. Especially in the summer. Imagine drinking Piña Colada.


5. Yves Rocher Framboise Body Lotion

I got this lotion on my birthday from my cousin and his fiancé, I guess, which was in January and I can’t remember if I used it in winter or not. Anyways, raspberries being my favourite berries, how could I not love this body lotion? The thing about this Yves Rocher products is that the smell is so real! They use natural ingredients so I think that is the reason it smells incredible.


6. Wet Tissues

One of the latest things from this category would be wet tissues. You can use whatever brand you want. I found them very convenient in the summer with all the sweating around. It can freshen your body or wipe the dirt or fix your make up and least a little bit. And I recommend having a pack of wet tissues in your bag all year long so you can wipe your butt when going to the public toilets along with toilet paper.
7. Lip Balm

Any lip balm is my must-have for summer as a substitude to lipsticks. Don’t get me wrong, I love lipsticks, but I’m using them usually when it’s colder outside. It’s probably because I use darker colours which goes perfect with autumn or winter. Lip balm is amazing for summer weather when your lips can be dry from the heat or the sun. I definitely recommend lip balm all year long, especially to hydrate and protect your precious lips when using also lip pencil. I have this Yves Rocher Strawberry lip balm and it smells incredible!



Clothing is slowly, but surely becoming my new obsession along with make up. I think I’m not that girl who hated going shopping anymore.
1. Rompers

I’m talking about basically any colour or pattern romper. I have two of them – both from Forever 21, and I was living in them when it was crazy hot outside. Well, in one of them because the other one I bought when it wasn’t that hot anymore, but I was wearing it at every opportunity I could. Another obsession?

Sorry for this photo, I just couldn’t take a proper picture of this romper, so here we are back in Hong Kong with my ol’ pal Spongebob.


2. Unknown

I’m not really sure how this item of clothing it’s called, but I think Meghan (Rienks) calls it kimono, so let’s call it that. I love how airy this kimono is and it’s just very comfortable to wear and it’s very ‘me’ because I love wearing light and airy clothes. I definitely need more kimonos. Oh and the great alternative for autumn and winter for me is poncho, but it can be little difficult to put jacket over it.



BOOKS (& music)

Was everyone but me really reading ‘Gone Girl’ during the summer and listening to this year’s biggest summer hits? I know I wasn’t because ‘Gone Girl’ was everywhere this year and I was starting being sick of it (although I’m reading it now) and I’m kinda old school in music so I have no idea what the biggest hits of the Summer 2016 are. Honestly I don’t care.
1. R.J. Palacio – WONDER

I was talking about this book in my recent video or you could’ve seen on my instagram and I must’ve put it in this list. Definitely recommending ‘Wonder’ because it simply is wonderful.


I read this book in reaction to Zoe’s recommendation in her Zoella Book Club (I believe I named it right) and was pleasantly surprised. It was nice, it was easy and that’s what I like to read sometimes. It was funny and sweet and although I heard people don’t like this book, I did. Sometimes you need a sweet book just to relax and rest your head.
3. The Passenger – LET HER GO
I know, I know, it’s an old song and blah blah blah. So what? I like it and it was my summer go to music while travelling.
‘Only hate the road when you’re missing home.’

I feel old when I’m writing about this song, but it’s just perfect. It is my summer hit number one and it always will be my favourite song from this amazing band. It just makes me instantly happy. I should go play it now…


Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word and love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves.’


1. Laptop Cover
I think photo is enough to show you how cute and pretty this pastel colours laptop cover is. I just can’t stop adoring it (and I do look at it everyday for at least five minutes for the past two and half months).


2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s
Another item from my latest video is this Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S which I’m SO SO SO happy about! I love making photos and I love printing them so this is just the bestest camera ever! I love how each one of the photos is precious and one and only. Even thinking about it makes me very happy! Weird, huh? And it’s grey and blue, so what else do you want?
3. Passport
The last item on this loooong Summer favourites list is nothing else, but my passport. I was travelling more than ever this summer (and this year) and this passport was always with me. I have few visas glued in there, some stamps and a lot of memories. There is no actual passport inside the cover on this photo, though, because I am going to travel again soon and it’s getting some visa now. Can’t wait!
Okay, that’s all for today’s article! Hope you liked it and if you did, go check out my other posts and stay tuned for another! Thank you so much for reading, every single visit of my blog and reader of my posts makes me incredibly happy! So thank you for making my day(s)!
Love, Nia … xoxo

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