13. Dating a virgin

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the latest blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. I’m currently working on quite long article and it’s taking me a little more time than other articles. But today we’re going to join Izzy for one day again! Hope you’ll enjoy it and if you’ll do, go follow me on my social media such as instagram, twitter or snapchat (niazcoffee)!

 Love, Nia … xoxo

P.S.: Have you seen Zoella’s new collection and her new Zoella Lifestyle range?!

P.S.2: I LOVE it!

It was a great day today. Until now. Do you remember how my phone was taken because we don’t have money for bills? Thomas certainly does remember. And he didn’t like it. I didn’t like it either but what should I do? Argue with my Mom? Or Alex? They didn’t want to take my phone. They had to. (I can’t believe I’m actually defending Alex). But nobody at school understood. Of course they didn’t. I was expecting it. But what else I was expecting is Thomas would understand. He knew we’re short on money. He knew about the fire. Everyone at school knew but it was forgotten now. Thomas was my boyfriend, I was expecting him to understand! He didn’t understand and he told me I’m embarrassing him. Because I don’t have a phone! For few weeks or maybe couple of months! And because my family isn’t the wealthiest family in the world. Sorry, Thomas. You knew what family I’m from from the beginning. He also told me no one respects him anymore and his school is making fun of him because he’s dating a virgin! And that he’s breaking up with me because it’s not good for his reputation. Oh my God, what reputation? Being the school biggest idiot? Whatever. I really want to tell Mom he broke up with me because I’m a virgin, but it feels weird telling her. I don’t know why, it’s just… I assume we’re not that close anymore. Maybe I’ll tell her after I tell Lisa. I’m waiting for her now in my room crying and being angry at the same time. Thomas is such a dick.


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