12. Phones and hugs

I am really upset. I know it’s selfish and stupid, but I am. I’m upset because Mom and Alex took my cell phone. As I said, I know it’s stupid, but I’m fifteen years old girl who doesn’t have a cell phone! It’s really embarrassing. I am awkward all by myself and now I’m awkward without a cell phone. I have a boyfriend, how are we supposed to get in touch? Obviously, we’re not suppose to. Not that my Mom or Alex don’t want me to be in touch with my sexy rockstar boyfriend, we just can’t afford to pay for my phone. I mean, I still have it, but I can’t use it because there’s no working SIM card. OMG how on earth am I gonna catch Lisa? She’s always somewhere taking her classes or shopping with her mom. I think I need to get a job.

‘Yes, sweetie?’
‘I think I’m gonna find a job.’
‘Oh, Izzy, why is that? Because of your phone?’
‘Yeah. I know it’s stupid, but it’s really embarrassing for me not to have my own cell phone. Everyone at school is gonna make fun of me.’
‘Oh, sweetie, don’t cry. I promise we’ll figure it out, okay? Why would anyone make fun of you because you don’t have a phone?’
‘I don’t know Mom, people are mean.’ I can feel disgusting snot coming from my nose.
‘But it’s not your fault, I don’t understand. We’re just going through time that is a little harder for us, how can anyone make fun of other people’s misfortune?’ I just shrugged. I know her point, but… It’s 21st century and PEOPLE ARE MEAN.
‘Can I have a tea?’
‘Of course, honey. I am so sorry you have to go through this, but I promise it will get better soon, okay? I mean, Alex got a job and as soon as we pay our debts, everything will be as it was before… the accident. Now give me a hug, Izzy.’ So we hugged each other and Mom told me how proud of me she is (I don’t really know why she’s proud of me, I’m totally ordinary kid) and then Summer came to the kitchen and yelled: ‘Huggimmy, huggizzy’ from the words huggy Mommy, huggy Izzy which is something she always says since she started talking and hugged us and suddenly I felt much better. Maybe it’s not that bad without a phone. I mean, I don’t actually need it, it’s just something people expect you to have when you’re fifteen and when you don’t have it they can point it out very painfully.

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