11. The mystery caller

Hey guys! I didn’t post something from Izzy’s life for a long time now because I was quite busy doing other stuff and I was travelling a little bit. Of course, I’d find some time to write something but I really want to do it properly and not just write story while in a hurry. It just doesn’t feel fair and right to me.
Love, Nia … xoxo

Do you remember ‘the mystery caller’ who called us once and was asking for my Mom? I think he keeps calling. I almost forgot about him but I heard Mom talking to someone on the phone. Me and Mom were in the living rooms reading (we love reading together)when the phone rang. She picked up normally but when she heard the voice on the other side of the line she suddenly looked very aware and ran to her and Alex’s bedroom and CLOSED THE DOOR. She never closes the door. Even when she’s changing clothes. Even when she’s changing clothes and Lisa is at our house. Never. It’s always Alex who does so. So Mom ran upstairs with that funny look on her face and closed the door behind her. What else should I do than follow her and try to listen behind the closed door? It’s basically what I’m doing right now. So shh!
‘What do you want?’ she said. Wow, she sounds pretty mad.
‘….’ Oh my God I wanna hear the other caller!
‘No, you can’t talk to her. I told you million times.’ What the…?!
‘I am doing fine, thank you!’
‘Sorry David, I don’t think it’s a good idea. We were doing just fine for almost sixteen years now without you.’ Wait, I’m fifteen. Who is this David?!
‘I have to go. Please, do not call again and …’
I didn’t hear the rest because I ran to the living room to pretend I was still there reading and definitely not listening to Mom’s private conversation.
‘Who was it?’ I asked her when she came to the room.
‘Just my co-worker.’ Wow, did she really just lie to me? Thanks Mom. Thanks a lot. Just as I was about to start crying because of her lying to me, the door opened and Alex and Summer came home from the park. So I didn’t cry because when you see my sister, you feel a hundred percent better and just can’t cry.

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