School starts, but it can’t bring us down!

Hello there! Summer slowly comes to an end and it’s time to go back to school. Although I start on 19th, I know a lot of you start tomorrow or started already. Here are some tips from me to make your days at school easier. Enjoy!

1. Be prepared!

A lot of us spend summer days sleeping and waking up late. If you start school in a few weeks like me, try to wake up earlier so it won’t be too painful when waking up earlier will be a real deal.

2. Pick your OOTD at the evening!

Choosing your outfit at last minute can be stressful. Why not pick your OOTD the day before and save yourself some precious minutes in the morning to sleep or read a book? The same goes for packing your school stuff.

3. Wake up happy!

I know it’s not an easy task, but it’s definitely more helpful than waking up grumpy and be angry all day. Make something you can look forward and remind it to yourself in the morning. For example seeing that cute boy (or a girl) in your class or meeting your friend at school. Or look forward for coming back home to your dog or your family, or even your bed!


I do it, you do it, we all do it. Snoozing your alarm clock so you can sleep few more minutes. And then snoozing it again. And again. And suddenly you have 20 minutes left until your class. Put your phone somewhere further from your bed so you have actually (cruel, I know) get up to turn it off. Make your bed after that and you’re ready to start your morning.

5. Dance!

Put your favourite song (not the slow one), turn up the volume and enjoy morning! You can sing in the shower, you can dance while putting on your clothes, you can listen to it while drinking tea or coffee! Music can really improve your mood, it’s a scientific fact.
See? Going to school doesn’t always have to be the bad experience. If you have more tips you do to enjoy school day, put them in the comments and help me and others go through school days! Thank you for visiting my blog,
love, Nia … xoxo

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