11. Thomas’ guitars

Hello! Long time no see. Have you ever tried to arrange holiday trip? It’s impossible! Mission: Impossible. I was looking through accommodations for almost three days and I had few little helpers (or not little, my parents definitely are not little) and I almost gave up. But finally I did find something! Hooray! Solution? NEVER give up. 😉
Love, Nia … xoxo

Thomas took me to see his friends and his guitar collection today. I’ve never met his bandmates before, I mean, not properly. But they’re so nice! Especially the drummer – Greg. He’s really funny and joking all around. Thomas has six guitars! Can you believe it? Six guitars!
‘Do you really use all of them?’
‘Almost. I never used this one.’ He picks up the baby blue guitar which definitely looks like someone played a lot on it.
‘Are you sure? Doesn’t look very new.’
‘It’s signed by Kurt Cobain. See?’ On the bottom of it (maybe it’s not the bottom, what do I know?) really is signature and when you look closer, you can read what it says.
‘Wow! That’s impressive!’
‘Do you know Kurt Cobain?’
‘Of course! Wow, how did you get it?’ I really can’t hide my excitement.
‘It belonged to my dad and he gave it to me few month ago.’
‘Come on man! You make it sound like your old man is dead! I’m pretty sure he’s not ghost sponsor!’ says Greg and everyone starts laughing.
‘No, he’s definitely not dead!’ says Thomas while laughing. I really like his laugh. And his smile. And him.
‘So how come you never played it?’ I ask.
‘I don’t know, it’s just… So precious to me. And I don’t wanna break it. I decided to play it when I’m at least as good as Kurt Cobain.’
‘Never gonna happen, Izzy, I’m tellin’ you.’ says Greg and everybody cracks again.
‘Okay and the others?’
‘Oh yeah, I play all of them. Some more, some less. But they’re used, don’t worry. Hey, maybe you can learn to play.’
‘No way, I don’t think so.’
‘Come on, Izzy. Just try it.’
‘Maybe some other time.’ I don’t feel like learning to play guitar in front of the bunch of musicians.
‘Oh come on! Izzy! Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!’ Greg starts to chant my name and soon all other band members join him. Oh my God. Help! But it’s funny, I’m really trying to stay serious but it’s so hard when Greg beats on drums and every other person in the is seriously chanting Izzy and we all try not to laugh or even smile but eventually we do.
‘I gotta go, bye!’ I say after ten minutes of uncontrollable laugh.
‘What?! Why?!’ says Ernie, the bass player.
‘I need to pick up my sister from her friend.’ I say and kiss Thomas good-bye. As soon as I do, they all start clapping and cheering and it’s really embarassing although they don’t mean to embarass me or Thomas.
‘Bye, darling.’ he says. It’s first time he calls me pet name, not just Izzy. I like it.

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