Hong Kong trip.


Hello everyone! I was off to Hong Kong for the past week and this post is going to be about my impressions of it along with some photos. Enjoy!

As you may or may not know from my instagram feed, I’m visiting Shanghai this July. I’m here for the second time this year and because I didn’t get a chance to go anywhere else last time, me and my brother decided to go for a trip to Hong Kong. I must tell you, it’s really different than Shanghai. More European (obviously) so it felt closer to me over there.



1st Day – Tuesday (arrival)
We arrived in the evening which means we didn’t have a lot of choices where to go. After checkin-in in the hotel (we had quite big room what is rare in Hong Kong) we went for dinner and just walked around a bit. It was quite shock for me so I wasn’t really aware of what’s going on around me but you get used to whole atmosphere quite quickly.


2nd Day – Wednesday (Disneyland)
On Monday we went to Disney Resort in Shanghai and we only managed to go to four or five attractions because there were so many people. I heard Disneyland in Hong Kong is small and it’s not that crowded. Both was true but since it’s holiday (I guess) there were quite a lot of people. Not that much as in Shanghai tho. We enjoyed a lot of attractions and some of them even two or more times. We went to the famous bar street called Lan Kwai Fong and had beer there but we were too tired to really enjoy that time.




3rd Day – Thursday (walking around)
Disneyland was very exhausting, therefore we decided to take it easy the next day. After breakfast/lunch we bought tickets to the 3D cinema at Space Museum and because we still had about two hours left, we just walked around a bit. There are so many shops and massages and all of the buildings have neon lights banners it almost looks like it’s some sort of fake shop even if it’s not. The cinema was pretty bad though, it hurt your neck because the screen was rounded a little and you had to look up to see what’s going on in the film. It was interesting documentary but the bad 3D made it terrible. I was thinking all the time how the 3D film in Disneyland was amazing. After the film we went to Chungking Mansions where the film Chungking Express was made. It’s basically a market and a lot of Indian men offering you tailor were there. In every corner of Hong Kong there is at least one guy offering you watches or bag or a tailor. We also went to the Man Mo temple which was beautiful and unique. At the evening we found nice pub in nice location and finally we got to relax. I felt like you can’t relax and you have to be aware of everything every second.


4th Day – Friday (Ocean Park)
I think it was the hottest day ever when we went to Ocean Park! An incredible amount of people went there on Friday (I don’t wanna know how many people must’ve been there during the weekend). The attractions we went to were amazing but you had to walk a lot from one place to another on the sun and there’s no fans when you wait for half an hour in line. We went to the same pub as the day before at night and when we were going back to our hotel, streets were crazy! Drunk people, drunk people in superhero costumes, drunk old guys, prostitutes, drunk old guys with prostitutes, (almost) porn on the street. No thanks!


5th Day – Saturday (leaving)
We didn’t really have any plans for Sat but walking around. It was so hot outside later and I wasn’t feeling good because I got cold from the crazy air-con (35° outside and 15° inside every building) so we just ended up in the Harbour City shopping centre. My brother wanted to go to the bookstore he was before at this shopping cent re but we were looking for it for an hour and couldn’t find it. We found two other bookstores but not the one he wanted to go to. Remember the crazy air-con I was talking about few sentences ago? Same in the plane. Everybody was sneezing and covered in blanket.



Definitely worth going. The city is crazy, yet has its own charm. There are skyscrapers everywhere and you don’t see where you’re going which can be disturbing sometimes but I would get used to live in Hong Kong. I’m so sorry I didn’t get the chance to go to The Peak or to see the Big Buddha or even go to the Avenue of Stars! But hey, at least I have the reasons to come back!




Love, Nia … xoxo
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