9. Ice-cream

First thing Alex told me when I came home from school was: ‘I got a job!’ I thought he was joking so I kinda laughed and said: ‘Yea, right.’ Now he’s kinda mad at me and Mom is kinda too, because I kinda refused to apologize. I’m glad he finally has a job, but you know, I have my problems too. For example my nemesis dating my boyfriend for quite long and me totally forgotten about it.

‘Do you know what’s worse, Lisa?’ I ask her on the phone.


‘Not that he’s two years older than me and going to college next year. But he had tons of girlfriend before, including Poppy, so he’s way more experienced than me. Maybe I’m too young for him. Why does he even wanna date me? Maybe we’re not even dating. Maybe it’s just some game of his.’

‘Can you stop being such dramatic? Of course you are dating and he obviously likes you. So stop it. I gotta go to my piano class, see ya!’ I hate that Lisa has all those classes. I mean, I don’t hate it, I’m happy she does. But she barely has free time.

How is my girlfriend doing? 

Oh. So I am his girlfriend, I guess. That’s a relief! I don’t know why I’m such melodramatic sometimes.

Good. Met Poppy today.


Oh, no. Whatever she tells you, do not believe her.

I don’t really know if it’s good or not. What if she knows something on him I don’t? And he wants to keep it a secret. Here comes another message:

Wanna go have some ice-cream?


Hell yea. 

I love ice-cream. He invited me, so that means he pays, right?


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