8. Poppy

I know that I may annoy you with this, but I just can’t leave it to myself! Here’s the link to the new song my Thomas put on soundcloud (click here) and I just can’t stop listening to it! It really feels like some old and really experienced folk musician recorded it.
Love, Nia … xoxo

You may remember me saying something about dating Thomas? That’s right! We’re officially together. I mean, he didn’t ask if I wanna be his girlfriend but I guess if you go to someone’s concert and then that particular someone kiss you in front of his bandmates and then the day after when he sees you at school all grumpy (because you’re at school), he gives you chocolate bar and kiss you in the hallway, you can say you’re together. The gig was amazing by the way. Thomas totally rocked. He’s so sexy playing guitar and singing and sweating and all those solos… I’ve always found guitarists very sexy and always wanted to date one. Especially some kind of rock god. And here we go, I am. I know it’s only been one day, but let me live my dream, okay? Lisa cannot stop talking about yesterday and how me and Thomas are meant to be.
‘Hello, Izzy,’ says someone behind my back. And I know exactly who it is.
‘Hello, Poppy.’ Poppy is my nemesis. She hates me and I hate her. Well, I don’t hate anyone, but I don’t like her. I don’t like her a lot.
‘I’ve heard you have a new boyfriend.’
‘I… I do, yes.’
‘Cool. I guess someone needed to show his generosity to the world.’ I wanna punch her so bad right now.
‘What do you want, Poppy? Or should I say Poopy?’ says Lisa. Thanks God she’s here.
‘I’m not talking to you, nerd.’ Okay, I’m in a range now. Lisa wearing glasses and having straight A’s doesn’t make her a nerd. Or does it?
‘She doesn’t have to be nerd to have straight A’s. We all know you need to take extra lessons just to pass.’
‘I want to help you, Izzy. As you may know, me and Thomas used to date. Well, he always comes back to me, eventually. Happened every time. If you need any advice on how to… handle him, let me know.’ Did she just winked at me?! Oh, how I hate her. Good thing, she’s gone.
‘Holy crap, how could I forget she and Tom used to…’
‘Oh, come on! She was just trying to provoke you!’
‘Who was trying to provoke my girl? I’m ready to kick his…’
‘Poppy,’ I say and I can feel tears in my ears. I need to go to the toilet.

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