Ode to the loved.

You know how, when you love someone, how you imagine being by your side even though they’re not around?
In bed, you imagine them lay next to you and hug you. When you close your eyes, you can almost feel them breathing. Breathing and whispering: “I love you.” to your ear. You can feel their heart beating fast because they love you so much and then slowing down a little because being next to you comfort them. Your heart does the same. And then you remember all those odd moments of happiness that you two share. Like you were laughing at your own joke which no one else understood. When you were crying together because when that special someone is crying, you start crying too. You just think of the film you two watched. When you woke up next to each other and ate breakfast together for the first time and you fall in love with that person all over again. When you went out for romantic dinner and took a walk afterwards. Your first kiss. Remember when you were just laying in bed and suddenly one of you started the great pillow war? And you just ended up tickling each other? Yeah… After you remember all of those happy moments in your life you start imagining the future. Possible future that can happen. Well, that’s what I like to do. Always helped me fall asleep. You imagine your day when you’re slightly older. You imagine your perfect house or apartment and your beloved one(s) in it. And the pets you want to raise with your love. You have nice dinners and nice mornings together. You two just talk but it’s all that matters. You even can argue a little over some stupid thing but it doesn’t matter because you love each other so much that you probably laugh it off. Your proposal. Your wedding. Your babies. Your holidays and trips and more days spent together. And if you already live that future… That’s love you live. Does it make sense?


Love, Nia … xoxo

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