7. The gig

Hello everyone! As you’re reading this, I’m in Shanghai. I’m not sure how and if my blog would work over there. I’m 90% sure it does but you never know. If we won’t see (or should I say ‘If we won’t read’?) each other, have the best summer! Hope to write to you soon,
Love, Nia … xoxo

Imagine two absolutely perfect days in your life. And now stick them together with the glue and make them one day. Now you can imagine my Monday. It started quite awful with selling the car and me being really sad and angry at Alex (cause he can’t get a job and doesn’t wanna take any job so Mom is feeding this family from the salary she makes in the local charity shop) and then Summer was upset and cried for two hours in the morning and not even Olaf could calm her down. Then I went to school all grumpy and sad and I met Thomas in the train and all I was thinking of was my family so I couldn’t keep the conversation going with him, what made me really upset and mad at myself. I really wanted Thomas to invite me to his concert and I thought that’s why he asked me about train to school the other day (at least that’s what Lisa thought). I can see why he hardly said goodbye to me, I was super annoying. Besides, everyone at school was talking about trip to London and tonight’s concert. Neither of which I’m attending. But after I came home from school and ate some ice cream I found in the freezer (I think it’s the one Lisa brought two months ago) someone knocked on the door. I thought it’s our neighbour, Mr Seamus. We all think he’s crazy, because he keeps knocking on our door and telling us to shut up because he can’t write a poem in that noise. Even at 3AM when we’re all deep asleep. But it wasn’t Mr Seamus. It was Thomas. After five minutes of staring at him he softly asked if he can come in. Oh my God why am I such an idiot sometimes?
‘That topknot really suits you,’ he said. Great, I removed all my makeup right after I came home and make a topknot and I was dressed in my shorts unicorn onesie.
‘Thanks. Uhm, if you excuse me for a few minutes, I’m gonna go change.’ Not that bad, actually.
‘No no, don’t worry, I like unicorns.’ THAT SMILE again. ‘So, Izzy, I don’t have your phone number so I couldn’t text you, but… How would… Uhm… Would you…’ Is he really struggling talking to me? Well that’s sweet.
‘I still can go change and you can… find the words…?’ Crap, did I just pointed out he can’t speak?! Crap, what’s wrong with me?! I should not talk at all from now on.
‘Uhm, that would be great but I don’t want you to change. I mean, no need to change. As I was saying… I don’t know if you know I’m playing guitar in one band called Car Crushed. And we have a gig tonight. I was wondering… If you would wanna come? You can bring friends over, it’s at 7PM at The Old Man’s Pub. You don’t have to, I was just… Wondering…’ HOLY GRANOLA! IS THIS REALLY AN INVITATION FOR HIS CONCERT?? RIGHT FROM HIM?? Okay, Izzy, play it cool.
‘Be there.’ Maybe not that much of a cool.
‘Great! See you tonight than, Izzy!’ And he left. So I went to the gig. And I’m dating Thomas. Yes, today was more perfect than two perfect days glued together.

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