6. Car

It’s so hot last few days. And I hate hot so I don’t feel very well. I tried to sunbath a little today and I only could stand laying and getting tanned for about 5 minutes. It was freaking hot. Okay Nia, stop complaining and be like your dog who is all furry and black with few white spots and gets excited and all happy about everything, imagine how hot he must be.
Love, Nia … xoxo

We have to sell the car. Can you believe it? I knew we are quite poor since my Mom and my stepfather lost their jobs and Mom is now working at the local charity shop and Alex, my stepfather doesn’t have a job. But selling the car? It’s our car, we don’t have to pay the bank for it and my Mom has the car for about thirteen years now. But apparently we have a lot of bills and not that much money to pay them. I didn’t know it’s that bad we have to sell the thirteen-years old car named Brenda. I doubt they can sell it for much. Maybe that’s the reason Mom was acting crazy lately.

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