Hello lovely people of the planet earth!  As I was making coffee few moments ago, new idea to the blog post stroke me right into my brain. Why not to write a random post about breakfast? So I’m enjoying my coffee with my dog laying next to me and writing this article. Bring your coffee and let’s have a coffee break together!

Breakfast. I love breakfast. Do I eat breakfast? Not really. The reason is that I don’t like eating anything right after I wake up. I need at least an hour to completely wake up my body and prepare it to eat. I remember the times I was going to elementary or high school and my mom woke me up with the breakfast ready. I didn’t like to eat breakfast when I was still sleepy but I understand that I had to because I was leaving for school soon. Now as I’m a college student (it’s my first day of holiday, yay!) I can eat breakfast whenever I want. Or I don’t have to eat it at all! What I love about breakfast is that when I have time to eat in the morning, it feels like my day isn’t gonna be in a rush. That I have plenty of time in the morning to get ready. And my mornings usually make my day. Thanks God I only went to school early in the morning once a week this year. Also I was always one of those people who slept as long as I could even when I was leaving house at lunchtime. Of course I didn’t eat breakfast but lunch instead. I’m trying to get up earlier now, around 7, so I have a nice long morning without being in a rush and being able to enjoy every second of it. It really is f*cking hard for me to get up that early as I never was the morning person but whatever, I can do it! Did you know you shouldn’t drink coffee sooner than two hours after you wake up? My grandpa told me this so I gave it a go and I actually felt like it’s waking me up more than I did when coffee was my first thing in the morning (or second, I usually go to pee first thing in the morning). I was about to make a video today but decided to do a blog post instead. It actually wasn’t about breakfast at all, was it? Hope you enjoyed your coffee break with me just as I enjoyed it and I will see you soon!


Love, Nia … xoxo
P.S.: I signed up to Bloglovin’ yesterday, go find Coffee Break with Nia there! Okay, I’m gonna leave you now but you will be missed!

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