5. Mom

I’m enjoying my first day of summer break!
Love, Nia … xoxo

Mom is acting very strange today. She came to my room twice in the last few minutes, looked at me for quite long and disappeared. I wonder what’s wrong with her. Oh, here she comes again.
‘Yes, Izzy?’
‘What’s going on?’
She left again! Oh God, what’s going on?? I can go ask Alex. Argh, I don’t want to.
‘Hi, Alex.’
‘Hello.’ Oh, he really loves me, he would at least look at me if he doesn’t, right?
‘Have you seen my Mom recently?’
‘Yes, I have. What a strange question, why would you ask that?’ I think my question is definitely not the most strange thing in this room but okay.
‘She’s acting weird. Okay, thank you for you time, bye!’
‘Wait! Is she? I don’t think so.’ Of course you don’t think so, Alex, you would notice even if she’d tell you right to your face.
‘Izzy, Izzy!’ shouted Summer behind my back what caused me to jump a few feet.
‘What’s going on, Summer?’
‘Nothing,’ she shouted again and ran away. Sometimes I don’t understand those kids.
‘So, Izzy, why do you think your mother is acting strange?’ Jesus, give me strength!
‘I don’t know, she’s looking at me strangely. Do you think she is pregnant?’ He spilled his water all around. Pure satisfaction.
‘What was the last time you two had sex? Do you use protection?’
‘Izzy! What the… Mandy! Can you come here, please?!’ Nobody except Alex calls Mom Mandy. Her name is Amanda (but she hates to be called Amanda because her mother calls her Amanda) and all of her friends call her Ames. Or Amy, but mostly Ames.
‘What’s going on?’
‘Your daughter asked me what was the last time we … did it… and if we use protection!’
‘Summer?!’ Mom asked in horror and winked at me. It’s so hard not to laugh but I’m quite good at acting.
‘Izzy, of course!’
‘Oh. Thanks God. Is there anything wrong with her being curious and protective of her own mother and stepfather? She’s fifteen, Alex, she knows how things work.’

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