4. Therapy

What I love about writing? Besides the writing itself, what makes me feel very happy it is the fact that I don’t have to anyhow prepare myself for doing it. No need to put make up on or to set up lights etc. I can just be in my PJs and not wash my face yet and write. Not that I am in my PJs without washing my face or teeth and just got up from bed… Not at all…
Love, Nia … xoxo

I’m so exciteeeeeed! I think everyone can see that. Summer is hopping beside me as we’re walking back home because she’s feeling my excitement. Mom should’ve pick us up but it’s nice outside so I called her she doesn’t have to. And also I wouldn’t stand sitting in car when I wanna dance and laugh and jump up and down. Here’s what happened.
I was at the therapy with Summer and as we she came out of the doctor’s office, guess who just walked in. Thomas. My all time crush. He looked pretty confused at first.
‘Hi, Summer!’ he said. WHAT THE …?! He knows my little sister?? Summer didn’t say a word, of course. And he didn’t say hi to me so I just smiled a little at him.
‘And hi, Summer’s …’
‘Sister,’ I said. ‘Hello, Thomas.’ Oh my God, did I just call him Thomas?! We never really talked to each other, I am not supposed to know his name! Great, now he’s never gonna talk to me again and think I’m a stalker.
‘Hi, uhm… Sorry, I … I don’t know your name.’ He looked pretty embarrassed.
‘Uhm, it’s Izzy.’
‘Sorry, I must’ve forget.’ Oh, thanks God he thought he forgot. ‘So, Izzy – standing for Isabella?’
‘No, Izzy standing for Izzy.’
‘Oh, really? Cool!’ I don’t think there’s anything cool about it, but whatever.
‘Yea. Okay, we gotta go. Let’s go, Summer!’
‘Wait! What train to school are you going to be on tomorrow?’ WHAT?!
‘I think I’m not going to school tomorrow.’
‘Oh… Okay, so, goodbye, Izzy. See you sometimes,’ he smiled with the most beautiful smile in the world but looked really sad.
‘But I’m going at half past seven on Monday,’ I smiled a little.
‘Oh, crap! Tomorrow is Saturday, isn’t it? Wow, Thomas, just a little embarrassing.’
‘It’s okay. See you, then,’ I said totally cool but on the inside I was so not cool. What just happened?! He wants to meet me?! That’s why he was asking what train I’m going to be on? Wait, maybe he doesn’t wanna meet me so he can go to another train. I must call Lisa, she will surely know why he asked.

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