3. Summer

Hello! It’s Nia here again. I posted one random blog post on Monday so I decided not to write any of my thoughts here. (Also I decided not to put any of my thoughts here in this post because I forgot what I wanted to write about.)

Love, Nia … xoxo

I am currently sitting in my sister’s doctor’s waiting room. Mom called me when I came home from school that she is stuck in work and if I can take my sister to therapy. Summer has some issues with talking to people. She only talks to her family. Nobody knows why, she just stopped talking to people five months ago. I mean, she is four. Children often behave weirdly, right? Well, what do I know, when I was four I was obsessed with my Barbie PJ I wore it for two months straight. And not only for sleeping. Talking about obsessions, Summer is obsessed with Frozen. I liked Frozen when we were watching it for the first time. Even the second time was good. Third time … meh. We must watch Frozen every morning now, just for your info. Thanks God Mom is the most patient person on the planet. Summer wakes her up every morning at five and they watch Frozen together. Then breakfast and then kindergarten/school/work. I hate Frozen and I’m not ashamed of it. Alex, my stepfather and Summer’s dad tried to show her another fairytales but my sister only likes Frozen now and she must watch Frozen not anything else because that would be cheating on Frozen. Her words, not mine. Well, she didn’t say exactly ‘cheating’ and made up her own word instead but Mom translated it for us. I guess I don’t like Frozen more than I don’t like Alex. Alex annoys me a lot. He is so boring and has this weird not funny jokes only he laughs at. I don’t know what Mom sees in him. Maybe he wasn’t like that when they started dating. He even let Mom name my sister Summer back then. I can imagine he wouldn’t let it happen now. Our Mom is kind of a hippie. She told me Alex wanted to name their baby some normal names like Mary or Joan. But Mom wanted some hippie name but not too hippie because of Alex. So there we go, I have a sister called Summer. And she is coming from her therapy. I can’t quite imagine what she is doing there since she is not talking with her doctor.


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