Be proud.

Hello my dear readers! I know there isn’t a lot of you now but it’s not the thing that matters most. What matters most is that someone (even if it’s only one person) reads my posts. So thank you for being that person!

I was walking my dog today and we met our neighbour I haven’t talked to for a while now. We usually just say hello to each other and maybe exchange one or two sentences. You know, only a polite conversation. She asked me how I am doing today.

“Good,” I told her, “I had the last exam on Friday and now I just have to do some paperwork and two shows (musical shows I am dancing in) and the summer can start.” She was really nice and said that I am very nifty and handy and blah blah blah and that my parents should be proud. I don’t know why but it hit me like a strike. Your parents should be proud. Don’t get me wrong, it’s alright for my parents being proud of me or my brother. It’s just… When I was thinking about it (and I was, a lot), all I could think of was: WHY the hell should anyone be proud? Why not me? I should be proud in the first place. I mean, it’s me who is dancing in the musical. It’s me who is going up on the stage. I don’t have any main role, I am only a company dancer, but it doesn’t mean that I should not be proud of myself. I’m not saying I’m the best dancer there and many more people who dances in the musical and other productions exists, but I’m doing what I am doing and I should be proud of it. Even if there is someone better than me or someone who does more than me. Why do we always say what my neighbour said – someone should be proud. It doesn’t matter if that someone is your mom or dad or husband or aunt. Why don’t we say: You should be proud.? I think it’s more important that you are proud or happy or satisfied with yourself than anyone else is. It’s you who made all this, it’s you who achieved great stuff, it’s you after all. So go out there and be proud of you. Don’t make anyone proud, do what makes you proud. Do what you love, do what you want, do what makes you happy. Unless it’s something that can affect other people badly. In that case, don’t do it. Otherwise go and sing, dance, paint, smile, laugh, play an instrument, write, take pictures, love, live!
Love, Nia … xoxo

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