1. The boy

I always forget how I love doing certain things. I’m really weird at this, I mean, I know I absolutely LOVE writing but every time I’m thinking about going to write down some short story or whatever, I never do it. Or the guitar. It feels SO GOOD and SO FREE to strum a few chords (I only can play like… five chords or something and half of the song), but I never do it. I rather watch TV or play games on my iPad. I don’t quite understand why the hell I’m living like that. Because when I do everything but the actions I love, I’m all sad and depressed. Do you know some cure to my weird condition?
Love, Nia … xoxo

So, there is this boy at my neighborhood who is very handsome. I think I might’ve had a crush on him since I first saw him which was exactly three years, two months and almost four weeks ago. Not counting at all. And today is the day he finally noticed me. I can’t believe he actually talked to me!!!

He said: ‘Hey, um, do you know what time is it, please?’
OMG I wasn’t able to speak at all! So I just nodded.
‘Will you tell me?’ he asked. Can you believe how much of an idiot I am?!
‘Sure. I didn’t know you wanted me to tell you since you just asked me if know what time it is.’ Stupid. Fool. I. Am.
‘Yea, you’re right,’ he laughed. LAUGHED.
‘Half past three,’ I smiled. You know that stupid grin as the only action close to smile you are able to manage.
‘Thanks. See you around.’ And then he walked away. He wants to see me again! Okay, I know it’s just a phrase you’re saying to anyone but at least he didn’t say goodbye. He said see you. That is something, right?
‘What’s with that grin you’re wearing, sweetheart?’ Mom asks me immediately she sees me.
‘Right. And I’m princess of Monaco. Was it that boy you like for almost three years now?’ I wish she was princess of Monaco instead of detective Mother.
‘Yes, Mom.’
‘I knew it!’ Happy with her detective skills, she is probably smiling out of pure satisfaction even now that is almost midnight.

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