0. Creation of the sleepless night

Hey there! It’s currently middle of the night here and everyone at my home is sleeping (and snoring) but I don’t feel like going to bed yet. Instead, I decided to write something for you guys. Enjoy! 

Love, Nia… xoxo

Everyone is crazy about this school trip to London. ‘Oh my God, I hope I gotta meet Ed Sheeran there!’ Yeah, right. Like he’s going to be waiting for my school bus in the station. I’m not going. My family can’t afford it. We’re not exactly rich but it’s okay, since ripped jeans are cool these days. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to go to London, but I’m kind of used to not to make a big deal of not being able to afford anything. I mean, I have a few friends, my sister and my mom. What else should I need? Maybe my dad? I never get to know my dad. He left before I was born. Maybe he’s drunk homeless person. Or maybe he’s a celebrity. I’ll never know. Whenever I ask mom about him, she tells me she’s not ready to talk about him yet. She’s not been ready for the past sixteen years I guess but hopefully someday I will get the chance to meet my biological father. Right now I have to try to get along with my stepdad – Alex. I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. But my mom likes him so I’m trying for her. They’ve met at work but unfortunately the building the company they were working for was settled in was set up on fire a month before Christmas last year and the company bankrupted. From back then, any of them don’t have a proper job. Well, Alex has no job and mom is working at the local charity shop. But it will eventually get better.

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