Being the best roommate.

Hello! First, I have some news for you. I moved and started new life. I moved to another town and I have a new job, which is dancing in State Opera. These past weeks were chaotic, because I had to find house and move and get used to all of these new things (I'm not … Continue reading Being the best roommate.


Not loved.

Dear readers! Long time no see again. Hope you're enjoying the summer as much as possible! A friend of mine is struggling with some issues with person who she is very close with. That person thinks nobody likes him and nobody cares, so she's trying to show him she cares and she loves him. Maybe … Continue reading Not loved.


Hi guys! Did you know May is a National Pet Month? Now, let me get this straight: Do you have a dog? I do. And he's the sweetest, cutest animal on the planet (every animal is sweet and cute, I'm just being a Mommy). I've always wanted to have a dog and my parents promised … Continue reading Dog.